6 Signs Your Front Door Needs Replacing

First impressions are important.

When it comes to receiving visitors, your home’s front door is the first point of contact. To put your best foot forward, you need a front door that looks welcoming and well turned out. If you’re unsure about whether your front door needs replacing, read on to learn the tell-tale signs…


6. It doesn’t look its best

Is your front door covered in scrapes and marks? Are its metal features beginning to rust? Do you feel ashamed to open up your home to guests? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, it’s time to get a new front door and present your home in a better way.

5. It’s a struggle to open or close it

Over time, doors tend to warp out of shape. You may not be able to tell just by looking at it, but if it takes a lot of welly to open or shut your front door, it’s clear that your house is ready for a new one. In getting a new front door, you could save yourself a lot of unnecessary effort.

4. It scrapes along the floor

Old doors have also been known to sag a little, scraping along the floor when they’re moving rather than gliding graciously above it. If your door makes a deafening scrape sound when you open it, make your life that little bit easier by investing in a new one!

3. The glass panes are only single-glazed

If your front door has glass panes and a few years on the clock, chances are the glass segments are only single-glazed. Panes like this are an easy target for burglars, so if your front door is only single-glazed, you should make your home securer by upgrading.

2. There is moisture between the glass panes

Even if you do have double glazing on your front door, this could be causing problems. In some old doors, over time, moisture creeps in between the glass panes. This lessens the insulation abilities of the door, as well as looking a bit naff. If left to fester, that dampness could even develop into mould.

1. You’ve been feeling draughts

If you’re feeling a draught under your front door, now is the time to get a new one. Rather than letting in the cold air and allowing your heating bill to suffer as a result, get a new front door ASAP and cut off the problem at its source.   

If any of these signs seem familiar, contact us today to book your front door upgrade!

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