Glass and Glass Cutting

High quality glass and glass cutting by Sheerwater Glass

Sheerwater Glass can supply you with glass cut to size, from a piece of picture glass to a plate glass table top.

Our Glass and Glazing Team would be more than happy to cut a specific piece of glass that you may already own, such as a valuable sheet of mirror glass. Alternatively we carry a wide variety of glass panes that can be measured and cut to any size that you require.

  • We use only the highest quality materials
  • High performance, rest assured your new glass can withstand wear and tear
  • Expertly installed by our team of glass professionals

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Window Repair

Fensa Registered Company

FENSA is an acronym for the ‘Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme’. Set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation, it allows double glazing companies to self-certify compliance with Building Regulations. There are several reasons why you should check for the FENSA logo when looking to have new windows and doors fitted in your home.

QA National Warranties

The insurance intermediary company QANW is responsible for protecting consumers through insurance policies. QANW has been in the business for over 25 years and has formed close associations with various building contractors and trade associations throughout the UK.

City & Guilds - Level 3 Qualified

The educational organisation City & Guilds are known for their vast levels of assessment, offering employees and workforces with the skills they require for many years. This seal of approval provided through their accreditation gives customers the confidence they require. Two of our employees, one in management and the other in our service department are qualified to City & Guilds level 3. This level of accreditation is highly sought after, with City & Guilds working with some of the leading brands of various sectors to offer the highest standard of training. The accreditation offered by City & Guilds is valued significantly, showcasing a business’s expertise, dedication and knowledge. In achieving this level of qualification, customers can feel assured that they are receiving the highest standard of work and customer service. City & Guilds and the City & Guilds logo are trademarks of the City and Guilds of London Institute and used under licence.

Checkatrade - Proud Members

Finding a tradesman is not always an easy task, especially when you’re unsure whether he or she is trustworthy. After all, you’ll be inviting this person into your private home, so you need make sure that they are reliable.

GQA Qualified

GQA Qualifications is an Awarding Organisation for specialist sectors and occupational roles. Qualifications cover the Glass, Construction, Coating and Print industries.

PASMA Tower Trained

Our team are fully trained in the assembling, dismantling, moving and inspecting mobile access towers and working at height.

BFRC Rated

Our products are BFRC rated, an independent verification of the energy efficiency of our windows and doors. BFRC rated energy efficient windows and energy efficient doors carry a ‘rainbow’ label.


    Expert Installation

    Our specialist team have been supplying and installing bespoke cut glass in Surrey for more than 40 years, so you know you can rely on Sheerwater Glass. With our skilled workmanship, incredible attention to detail and friendly approach, we are experts at glass installations. We understand glass and glass cutting can seem a little stressful – So… let us take the weight off your shoulders with our flawless glass services!

  • practical

    Innovative Products

    Combining the highest quality materials and tools available on the market with years of expertise, we guarantee excellent quality; ensuring your glass looks outstanding. We take great care and time in sourcing and installing only the highest quality products, to ensure you receive flawless products that are built to last. 

  • Security

    High Performance

    We only install products we believe in, so you can rest assured that your new glass not only looks stunning, but is high performing too. Here at Sheerwater Glass, we take great pride in sourcing products that have high efficiency ratings and look great.

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Glass & Glass Cutting | More Information

Plain Float Glass

We can supply plain glass for windows, greenhouses, picture frames and much more. Please always remember, use safety glass in high-risk areas, see our safety glass section. If you are in any doubt please speak to us we will always provide advice over the type of glass that will best suit the application.

Under current legislation safety glass must be used in all danger areas such as doors and sidelights. All glass areas that are below 80cm from the floor level are required to be safety glass.

Safety Glass

What type of safety glass can we supply? Laminated glass can be supplied from stock. Toughened glass is to order, normally about 5-7days.

Toughened glass is about 5 times stronger than normal window glass. Shelves and table tops can be made in toughened glass, this is always advisable.

Please remember safety comes first. Double Glazed Sealed Units can also be supplied to order.

Trained Experts in Cutting Glass

Cutting glass safely and effectively can be a difficult business; prone to damage and breakage, it takes a keen eye and expert knowledge to correctly carry out to an acceptable standard. All members of our Glazing Team are trained to the highest level of competence in glass cutting; meaning that whatever the job, be it cutting a small mirror to size or crafting an entire glass table top made to measure, you have come to the right place.

Scoring and Splitting – The glass cutting process

To split the glass, it is not necessary to cut through the pane entirely; instead, the cutting wheel creates a score along its surface, which weakens the glass along this line and allows one to physically snap the pane in two. Before the score is created, the glass must be cleaned to ensure that there is no dust or silicon present on its surface, which could otherwise compromise the integrity of the cut.

Once a measuring line for reference purposes is marked out across the surface of the glass, the cutting tool’s wheel is drawn briskly across this in one firm, fluid motion. The most important things to remember in this process are to apply the correct amount of pressure (firm, but not too hard) and to only run the wheel across the glass once; drawing the tool back in the other direction along the score or in multiple instances can cause the glass to splinter, ruining the edge and creating a hazard. In addition, the score must run from end to end of the pane in order to create two perfect halves. Once a neat and precise score has been created across the surface of the glass, the two panes can be carefully snapped in half, either by hand or with gripping pliers.

Finally, after the two halves of the glass have been separated, the sharp corner edges of the glass are sanded down and rounded off; not only does this make the glass safe to handle by eliminating the risk of injury, but actually strengthens the pane itself and ensures it is suitable for its intended use.

Glass Cutting Tools

Glass cutting is an delicate task that takes care and precision to carry out correctly. The industry standard glass cutting tool is perfectly designed for this job, patented in 1869 and perfected over many years of gained expertise and practical knowledge.

Held in the hand, the tool consists of a cutting wheel crafted from either steel or tungsten carbide, around 4 – 6 mm in diameter. The wheel is structured in such a way that creates a V-shaped profile, known as the “hone angle”. This is usually 120 degrees, though may increase in tools specifically designed to cut thicker or toughened glass. Cutting wheels are available in a range of sizes, specifically designed to deal with the range of sizes and thickness that glass is commercially available in today.

Before cutting, it is essential to apply a film of oil along the line to be scored; the friction between the cutting wheel and glass sheet can cause a fast and intense increase in temperature, that can ruin the cut and cause irreparable damage. The oil is an effective method of preventing this heat caused through friction, ensuring a smooth and clean cut. Nowadays, most modern handheld glass cutting tools come equipped with a reservoir in the handle that contains and automatically feeds lubricating oil (usually kerosene) along the surface of the glass as the wheel is drawn across, eliminating the need to apply the oil manually.

“Committed to Excellence in Glass Cutting”

When it comes to the actual process of cutting any sheet of glass, here at Sheerwater Glass we ensure that the entire task – from beginning to end – is carried out with only the correct industrial tools and safety protocols detailed above as standard. Our bespoke workshop is specifically designed to ensure that work of this nature is undertaken in a safe and efficient manner; our staff are protected with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment to ensure health and safety, while the tools that we use come from only the best and certified manufacturers. Whatever job needs doing, you can be assured that Sheerwater Glass are the best company to provide you with a quality glass cutting service.

A wide selection of glass designs and Pilkington textured glass is available. Please view the PDF downloads below.

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