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Replacement Greenhouse Glass by Sheerwater Glass

Supplied and installed by glass experts

Our greenhouse replacement glass is horticultural glass. As standard, horticultural glass is 3mm in thickness and is considered the lowest grade of glass for greenhouses. However, it is the perfect choice of glazing for a greenhouse; in regards to its performance and affordability.

At Sheerwater Glass, we understand how important a fully functioning greenhouse is for keen gardeners. Available in a myriad of sizes and designs, they provide the ideal environment to promote the maximum growth and health of all varieties of plant life and vegetables.

We aim to equip our customers with the knowledge you need and provide the highest service and care regarding replacement greenhouse glass material used in these structures, helping you to get the best use and enjoyment from your greenhouse.

  • Variable, economic greenhouse glazing
  • Finely cut-to-size
  • Expertly installed by glass professionals
Greenhouse in garden
Greenhouse with tomato plants
Small Greenhouse

Fensa Registered Company

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BFRC Rated

Our products are BFRC rated, an independent verification of the energy efficiency of our windows and doors. BFRC rated energy efficient windows and energy efficient doors carry a ‘rainbow’ label.

  • glass cutting

    Cut To Size

    Combining the perfect greenhouse glass type with the latest tools, we provide replacement greenhouse glass which performs well and is affordable. We take the time to source the most suitable products and materials across all our glass and glazing services; meaning we can help to make your greenhouse and plants look outstanding again.

  • Sheerwater Glass Expertise

    Expert Installation

    Our specialist team has been supplying and installing replacement greenhouse glass in Surrey and beyond for more than 40 years. With our skilled workmanship, our greenhouse replacement glass is made to last well into the future. Our expert installation is provided by a friendly, efficient and professional greenhouse glass installer.

  • glass

    High Performance

    Our replacement greenhouse glass is ideal for greenhouses and garden sheds. It works extremely well in protecting your plants from the elements, enables you to control their environment correctly, and the glass itself withstands daily wear and tear.

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Need to Replace Greenhouse Glass?

We have glass to fit traditional span, lean to or Dutch light designs, so any broken greenhouse glass can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement greenhouse. Greenhouse glass is usually 3mm thick and slightly weaker than standard glass. This is important if you have children, because there is a greater risk of accidental damage or injury.  Therefore, you can always upgrade the glass in your greenhouse to toughened/safety glass or even 6.4mm laminated glass.

What do we offer?

Sheerwater Glass stocks replacement greenhouse glass at all standard sizes, allowing us to repair or replace anything from a single broken or damaged glass pane to an entire greenhouse at a low cost. The glass panes that we keep in stock are measured at the standard sizes of:

  • 610 x 610 (24″ x 24″)
  • 458 x 610 (18″ x 24″)
  • 1422 x 730 (56” x 28 3/4″)

These products are available at the standard 3 mm thickness, or if necessary can be upgraded to toughened or safety glass. We can also supply laminated glass for these measurements at a thickness of 6.4 mm, allowing us to provide a product that is tailor-made to your requirements. At Sheerwater Glass, we can supply greenhouse glass panes to fit any variety of greenhouse.

We can help with any questions or concerns you have about purchasing the correct type and size of greenhouse glass and once you are happy with your product, one of our expert team of fitters will be available to install your new greenhouse glass safely and correctly. We will in addition provide aftercare and maintenance advice, ensuring you get the most out of our service and new product.

Why choose glass for my greenhouse?

Greenhouse glass specifically is manufactured to a standard thickness of 3 mm. While the optical quality of the glass is of less importance, it importantly allows up to 90 % of ultraviolet light to pass through. In addition, when fitted correctly horticultural glass panes are weather tight, which provides and ensures a safe environment for plants kept inside the structure.

The glass itself will effectively retain heat and humidity: on a typical British summer day, the inside of a fully functioning greenhouse can reach temperatures of around 40 C. These properties all help to create the ideal and optimum growing conditions for plant life to proliferate.

Greenhouses will generally fall into two categories; traditional span (using a modern glass pane measurement), and Dutch light. A term originating from a different measurement of glass pane, Dutch light panes are larger in size, usually designed to create a larger glazed area which will allow more light. The term ‘Dutch light design’ will nowadays often refer to a greenhouse built with these larger panes uncut, and with sloping sides, wider at the base than at eaves height.

Greenhouse glass is designed to create the best internal environment for efficiently growing plants and vegetables.

What is greenhouse glass?

Greenhouse, or horticultural, glass is the traditional material used for the windows and panels of a greenhouse. Standard raw materials of soda ash, sand, dolomite, iron oxide, limestone and salt cake undergo a manufacturing process known as the Float or Pilkington Process.

This involves the melting and mixing of these materials at a high temperature. The resultant mixture is then transferred to a molten tin bath to create the perfectly flat surface required for a glass pane. The product is then slowly cooled in a process known as annealing. This culminates in the creation of a glass type known as Annealed glass – the industry standard.

Safety considerations of Greenhouse Glass

As with all glass products, safety and risk factors must be taken into consideration.

Greenhouse glass is manufactured at a standard measurement of 3mm thickness. While this is ideal in helping create the conditions required in a greenhouse, it does leave the panes more vulnerable and easier to break than the glass used in the windows in a domestic property for example. This aspect should be taken into consideration for those with young children or a busy garden environment, as there is a higher risk of accidental damage or injury. To this end, horticultural glass is also available in a textured glass format.

Alternatively, toughened safety glass is available, or even glass at a thicker 6.4 mm. These products provide a higher resistance to breakage, and are designed to give peace of mind to those who feel that their greenhouse is slightly more at risk. If when selecting your glass you feel unsure as to the safety considerations, our expert team at Sheerwater Glass is on hand to give the highest level of professional advice.

Why choose Sheerwater Glass?

Here at Sheerwater Glass, customer service is paramount, which is why we have out-lasted many competitors . We buy all of our glass products from only the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers and all items are rigorously inspected upon arrival for any potential damage or fault, ensuring only products of the highest quality are then passed on to our valued customers.

“Your fitters completed a very neat installation without any damage to the surrounding masonry. Their manner was courteous and unobtrusive and we are very pleased with the job.”

Mr & Mrs H of Pyrford.

Our staff are on hand to help with any queries you may have or advice you feel you may need. Our skilled team of fitters are available to install your new product at your convenience, at the highest degree of professionalism. With 40 years of experience working with local customers in Surrey and its surrounding areas, Sheerwater Glass is committed to providing the most competitive greenhouse glass services. To make an enquiry or please call us on 01932 344415.

Should you not see your requirements listed, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, we will be only too happy to help.

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