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Timber Conservatories

Our timber conservatories are cost-effective, comfortable and versatile, giving you year-round enjoyment in whatever way you please.

About our Timber Conservatories

For most of us, the prospect of having more space to use as they please is an enticing one. This is especially true if that space is cost-effective, comfortable and versatile, which are all qualities of our timber conservatories. So, no matter whether you’d like a place to soak up the sun, an extension of your current kitchen, or something else entirely, a timber conservatory from Sheerwater Glass is just what you need.

The attractive appearance of natural wood means that the structure will look effortlessly stylish inside and out too. And because the timber and other materials we use to build them are of the highest quality, you can make the most of your new living space for years to come!

The Benefits of our Timber Conservatories

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Comfortable Living

Wood is a fantastic, natural insulator, meaning it’s the perfect material for keeping plenty of heat inside a conservatory. When combined with our energy-efficient glazing, rest assured that it will feel cosy and comfortable throughout the year. As the conservatory will make efficient use of heat, you can save on energy costs too!

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Versatile Design

As we can spray the timber in an extensive range of translucent or opaque colours, you’ve got the opportunity to be pretty creative when it comes to your conservatory’s look. But, whatever you decide, your chosen finish will preserve the wood and protect it from the weather for many years.

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10-year Guarantee

Every timber conservatory from us comes with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee. However, you can expect the structure to last for much longer than this. Timber is an incredibly long-lasting material, able to last a lifetime if it is properly cared for.

Enjoy more space without having to sacrifice security

Any windows and doors on our timber conservatories are equipped with multipoint locks, whilst a host of other impressive security features are in use too. This includes the use of toughened glass for any glazed doors, which ensures for safety as well as security.

Here at Sheerwater Glass, we ensure your new home extension won’t provide an easy access route for unwanted visitors to enter your home.

Glass and tiled roof timber conservatories in Surrey

Glass roof timber conservatories

The ideal option if you’d like one of our wooden conservatories to allow huge quantities of natural light to flow inside. However, the glazing used is some of the best, ensuring you won’t have to sacrifice warmth. Aesthetically, choose to have solid timber rafters with external aluminium cappings and internal finishing trims or an aluminium structure with timber finishing trims.

 Tiled roof timber conservatories

Adding a tiled roof to a timber conservatory will create a living space that looks and feels just like a traditional extension. Internally, they feature a plastered ceiling. Externally, they come in your choice of hardwearing tiles. Their thermal performance is also so good that

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