5 Reasons to Install a VELUX Window

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We’ve seen all the latest and greatest innovations when it comes to home refurbishment, in particular, the installation of windows. It’s no surprise that windows have such an impact on a property’s appearance, and that’s why many customers come to us when they wish to renovate their home.

A very common and popular choice of window on modern homes is the roof window. And an extremely popular, experienced and trustworthy manufacturer of roof windows is VELUX.

About VELUX windows

VELUX window is a centre-pivot roof window that is notorious for welcoming maximum light into a home. Although commonly seen as the ideal solution to areas of the home which experience moisture or lack of air, such as bathrooms and lofts, it’s becoming a common feature in regular living areas too, including kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

It’s a cost-effective, attractive and modern looking window which effortlessly suits any style of contemporary or traditional interior and exterior.

5 Benefits of VELUX Windows

Let’s look on the bright side, VELUX windows exploit natural light!

VELUX windows are renowned for their ability to welcome natural light into your home. If you currently struggle to utilise natural light in your home, then a VELUX window will change that for you.

Do be warned, they will bring in a lot of light, so you may want to consider attaching a blind to it. After all, you don’t want to be woken up by the sunlight in the morning, do you?

Easy operation.

VELUX windows are much easier to operate than a typical sliding window. The top control bar means it’s straightforward to open and close. Some VELUX windows offer a remote-control option too – ideal for those out of reach.

A versatile window, brilliant for getting fresh air into your home.

Thanks to the centre pivot, you can circulate fresh air easily by opening a VELUX window fully or just ajar. They also feature a ventilation flap, which allows fresh filtered air to enter the room without having to leave the window open. Perfect for when you’re away or sleeping.

Get the most out of your view.

If you live in an area where you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery, then a VELUX window could be ideal. VELUX windows can really open up your home, allowing you to have an excellent view when standing and seated.

Save money in the long run

Known to be energy efficient thanks to its high-performance materials, VELUX windows utilise ThermoTechnology, which can lower your energy bills

What if you already have a VELUX window installed?

Updating aged roof windows is very easy to do and won’t cause you any hassle. We still see older generations of VELUX windows which are 30+ years old, and although many of these VELUX windows are still functional, their thermal efficiency and insulation isn’t up to the standard that you could be benefitting from.

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