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Available Materials:

uPVC Timber

Certified Velux Window Installers and Suppliers in Surrey

Skylights are an attractive window solution with practical uses that are essential to the comfort of your home. Velux window replacements are a leading skylight option as they attract the attention of visitors and provide your home with maximum light and air. At Sheerwater Glass we understand how important it is to maintain your double glazed Velux roof windows and prolong their lifespan.

Expert Velux replacement glass and repairs with the use of authentic Velux roof window parts

We are certified Velux skylight installers and are competent when it comes to installing, servicing and repairing Velux windows and blinds. A complete Velux window replacement may not be necessary and where possible, new Velux double glazed glass units are offered as a solution instead of complete replacements.

Velux windows tailored to suit your home

As with all of our windows, our Velux skylight windows for roofs are customisable to suit your specific requirements. Our Velux windows are available in three different materials, these are pine, painted white and polyurethane coating. We also offer Velux blinds in Surrey, giving you an expansive choice to choose from for your Surrey home.


Our Velux Window Benefits

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We're a Certified Velux Window Installer

We’re a certified installer of Velux window systems, so let us help you welcome natural light into your Surrey home with Velux roof windows. Our commitment to you does not end once your Velux skylight has been installed.

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Replacement Glass & Hinges

If the glass in your Velux window has broken, or a sealed unit has failed or become misted, we will always offer new double glazed glass units instead of replacements. As approved Velux installers, we offer replacement Velux hinges. Our team also has the ability for Velux replacement glazing and Velux sash replacement!

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Velux windows come with strong locks and use modern strngthened materials aling with anti theft screws and reinforced hinges to make them the most secure roof window on the market.

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Locking Mechanisms / Systems

We can provide new locking mechanisms if your existing locking system has failed. Contact our team on 01932 344415 for further information on Velux windows. We take pride in the work we do, always working to achieve a first class finish across all our window solutions and services.

Key Velux Window Features

These highly engineered Velux roof windows have the latest technology built-in, including a number of key features that set them apart. As a standard you can expect:

  • Safety glazing – a toughened glass option that is resistant to the harsh weathers and intruders. You can also choose from glazing options such as noise reduction, additional privacy and added insulation.
  • ThermoTechnology – the high-performance design utilises modern manufacturing techniques and materials, meaning less energy usage and lower heating bills.
  • Ventilation bar – even when the window is closed, you can choose to allow for some ventilation to allow a cooling cycle of fresh air to enter your home.
  • Versatile mounting brackets – if you decide to opt for Velux window blinds, the patented mounting brackets makes it super simple to install them. Even if you decide after your installation you’d like Velux blinds, we can fit them easily with the pre-installed brackets.

Velux active homekit – indoor climate control

As approved Velux installers in Surrey, we offer the VELUX ACTIVE home kit. This provides an automated system to enhance your indoor living. With its sensor-based ventilation apparatus, the Velux active home kit’s smart sensors repeatedly monitor your Surrey home’s temperature, humidity and CO2 levels for its optimum healthy living standards.

The Velux active home kit responds to changes in your home by automatically opening or closing your Velux window.

Two velux windows

Velux Windows are available in three attractive finishing options

Painted White Velux

White painted velux window

Pine Velux

Pine velux window

Polyurethane Melamine Velux

Polyurethane Melamine velux window



A light choice which illuminates the natural wood grain.
A sleek, traditional timber appearance.
A clean and fresh appearance with no woodgrain effect.



The vibrant elegance instantly changes dark, unused spaces in a brighter area that is full of life.
Its versatile style means it can complement conventional homes, modern apartments and commercial buildings.
It’s primarily fitted in humid rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms.



The high-quality natural wood is durable, energy efficient and adaptable.
Pine is sturdy, long-lasting and durable.
The wooden core is encased in moisture-resistant white polyurethane, ensuring weather-resistance and solidity.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Pine is effective all year round, keeping your home exceptionally energy efficient.
Like our high-performance glazing, pine frames keep the draughts out.
The intricate design and coating of polyurethane actively retains the warmth of your home.

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