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What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing provides year-round comfort for your Surrey home

A double glazed window consists of 2 panes of glass that sit with a small space between them. In some windows, this space will be a vacuum, but the most effective forms of double glazing will have an inert gas such as Argon or Krypton filling the space.

Today, double glazing is the standard choice for many homeowners and with good reason. For starters, single glazing, which just has a 1 pane of glass and no cavity, cannot compete with it in terms of the level of comfort and security that it provides for the home. The double-glazed units of today are also far superior to those that were fitted just 10 years ago. So, there’s plenty of reasons to consider it if you’ve got old windows sitting on your home.

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Benefits of our Double Glazing for Surrey Homes

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Double Glazing Energy Efficiency

The combination of multiple glass panes and inert gas cavity has a very low thermal conductivity, which makes it extremely difficult for heat to escape from your home. By keeping in the heat, any property becomes much more energy-efficient, costs less to heat and feels cosier throughout the year.

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Added Security

Smashing the glass part on double glazing is far from easy. But when you consider that we fit all our double glazed windows with a range of high-quality locking systems too, you can rest assured that your Surrey home will have an incredible amount of security in place.

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Various Glass Options Available

You’re far from limited to standard glass when choosing double glazed windows for your home. We can fit them with toughened glass, decorative glass and a whole host of other glass options, so you can customise their look and performance to suit your exact requirements.

Having a positive environmental impact

By having a hugely positive effect on the amount of heat your home is able to maintain, our high-quality double glazing ensures you won’t need to expend so much energy on fuel to heat your radiators. This is great for the environment as it means fewer fossil fuels are being consumed, resulting in fewer carbon emissions being expelled into the atmosphere.

Here at Sheerwater Glass, we’re fully committed to doing our bit for the environment and so we offer a range of energy-efficient home improvements in addition to our fantastic double glazing.

Replacement double glazed units also available

Although we can replace an individual window or whole set with our high-quality double glazing, we can solely replace any faulty sealed units with new double glazed ones too. With this option you can keep your existing window frames (provided they’re in good condition) but still enjoy various benefits of new double glazing.

We recommend you consider this if your current glazed units are misted up. Anyone who is operating on a budget will also be delighted to hear that replacing the units is cheaper than changing the whole window.

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Double Glazing Technical Information

Double Glazed Window Energy Ratings

Many of the double glazed windows we install here at Sheerwater Glass are capable of attaining Window Energy Ratings of ‘A+’. These are some of the highest energy ratings that windows can attain, so you can expect to knock a sizable amount off your energy bill.

Double Glazing Noise Reduction

Another great thing about double glazing is how effective a sound barrier it is. The best double glazing can keep out a whopping 35 decibels from coming into your home, making it the perfect solution for anyone who wants to make their home into a more peaceful living environment.

How effective is double glazing at reducing noise?

Door Options

In addition to our range of windows, we’ve also got a range of door options that come fitted with double glazing as standard. It’s the standard glazing solution for our French doors, bifold doors, uPVC sliding patio doors and aluminium sliding doors.

10-year Guarantee

If we fit your home with a double glazed window or door, it comes with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee. This means that you’ll have comprehensive cover in place for 10 years even if we happen to cease trading for whatever reason.

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