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We supply and install a wide range of double glazed windows.

They keep your home secure, energy-efficient and looking flawless. Our window designers ensure that the replacement windows are the perfect addition to any style of home, with a plethora of colours and decorative options. Custom-made, they’ll fit in effortlessly with the characteristics of any property.

How effective is double glazing at reducing noise?

If you’re in the market for new windows, you can choose from a variety of functional styles that we offer, including classic casement style, modern VELUX window, and uPVC windows. Our windows are not only durable and bespoke but also thermally efficient, making them a great choice for both modern and period properties.


Alongside a broad choice of styles, you will have great freedom in choosing your replacement window’s material. We choose our uPVC, timber and aluminium materials for their innovative performances that utilise modern manufacturing techniques. They’re exceptionally durable, thermally performing and weather-resistant.

What is the difference between uPVC, aluminium and timber windows?

Timber has long been seen as somewhat of a premium material, given its exceptional insulation properties and aesthetic appeal. The lifespan of timber windows is a strong advantage, though maintenance can be difficult to keep up. In comparison, uPVC and aluminium windows are very low-maintenance and can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth.

Aluminium is also a very strong material, making it an ideal option for slimline frames and in turn allowing a lot more natural light to enter a property. While uPVC may be a more cost-effective option, the modern advancements in its production and design mean that there are many benefits and they are more secure and energy-efficient than ever before.

uPVC Sash Windows
Glass Shelf

Glass Options

We have an array of high-performance glass options available with all of our windows, including double, triple and secondary glazing. From decorative to bevelled glass, you will be able to transform your property’s interior and exterior.

What is the difference between double and triple glazing?

Simply put, double glazing has two panes of glass within a sealed glazed unit while triple glazing has three panes. The additional glass pane can help to increase the efficiency of any heat that is lost, or indeed solar gain.

Also, as a result of the third pane, there is an increased amount of security for triple glazing. While double-glazing units offer superb protection and general security, the extra pane allows even more peace of mind.

Double glazing, though, is currently better suited when it comes to replacing old windows due to the depth of each glazed unit. Triple-glazed units are typically wider and deeper which makes it trickier to simply refit in an existing frame.

There is, of course, the cost factor which sees double glazing as more of a budget-friendly option and one that provides great all-round performance.


Energy Efficient

Our uPVC, timber and aluminium double-glazed options will ensure your home remains energy efficient all year round thanks to exceptional energy ratings, dense frames and low U-values. We pride ourselves on our excellent selection of energy efficient home improvements to reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint.


Innovative Products

Only the most advanced production techniques have been used to manufacture our windows. This ensures they’re aesthetically pleasing, incredibly durable and high performance. You can be assured that our range of windows are an excellent solution that will last a lifetime.


Security Features

All of our windows use leading security hardware that’s meet all British Standards. You can rest assured that any of our new windows will help keep your home safe and secure. We also have many customisation options for those that need even more security.

Window Designer

Bespoke Design

Every replacement window is fully customisable and available in many styles and designs. Our range of bespoke design and colour options allow you to create that window you’re imagining on your home, whether it’s small uPVC windows, mock sash windows or VELUX windows. We also offer our original slimline windows.

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