Sliding Patio Doors Fitter in Surrey: uPVC, Timber & Aluminium

Sliding Patio Doors

Available Materials:

uPVC Aluminium Timber

Quality sliding patio doors from Sheerwater Glass

Stunning both in design and operation.

The go-to solution for people wanting to maximise their views, our sliding patio door is the perfect addition to any property. As well as allowing the maximum amount of light into your home, sliding patio doors are space-effective and suitable for any home – regardless of style or age.

Create an uninterrupted view of your garden with an aluminium, timber or uPVC patio door and make the most of your home’s surroundings. Installed by one of our patio door experts, we are committed to helping you achieve outstanding results and enabling you to fully utilise your property’s space.

Sliding Patio Door

Six Configuration Options

Our sliding patio doors offer a range of configuration options.

Operation Designs

Unique inline or lift and slide design.


A high performance durable system.

Track Options

Narrow profile with single, double or triple track options.


A complete range of handles, accessories and security features.


  • Floor to ceiling height sliding panels
  • 3m high x over 3m wide panel

“Secured by Design” Status

  • Anti-jacking technology
  • Anti-lift blocks
  • Hook latches
  • Multipoint locking
  • Toughened glass

Benefits of our Sliding Patio Doors

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Using durable materials and the latest product technology on all our sliding patio door installations ensures you can always feel safe. Its stainless steel multi-point locking mechanisms and anti-lift strips prevent the door from being lifted.

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Thermally Efficient

As well as protecting you and your possessions from intruders, our doors protect you from the elements to keep your home warm and dry. All patio doors are double glazed and fully sealed, keeping your home draught-free.

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Customised Design

Every home is unique, this is why we provide a range of materials, colours and finishes for your sliding patio doors. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and envisage the style and character of your property to design the perfect sliding patio door.

10 Year Guarantee!

As with all of our installation services, we carry out a made to measure fitting service. Our installers are dedicated to ensuring your product is installed to last well into the future. So much so, we label all of our products (including our Sliding Patio Doors) with a 10 year guarantee!

Security Features

uPVC, timber and aluminium sliding patio doors used to be the weak spot on a home and were a welcome sight to burglars. Not anymore. Designs have evolved and new technology has made them one of the most secure doors on the market.

Each of our aluminium, uPVC and timber sliding patio doors are constructed from systems with Secured By Design status, meaning not only have they undergone rigorous industry testing to qualify for this official police initiative, but their modern designs also meet the superior quality standards expected by the scheme.

Our sliding patio doors are fitted with a multitude of security features to protect your home, including the following:

  • PAS 24:2012 security tested – a method to test the security performance of new doors, as required by the British Standards Institute.
  • Anti-jacking technology – this prevents the glass panes of the sliding door from being levered open.
  • Anti-lift blocks – it’s fitted in the rails to stop the sliding door being lifted from the outside and allowing unwanted access.
  • Hook latches – this restricts the opening of the sliding door, preventing intruders from gaining access into your home.
  • Multipoint locking – this system locks at several points, providing superior protection against forced entry into the keyhole.
  • Toughened glass – up to five times stronger than normal glazing panes, this is an additional type of safety glass that adds significant strength to your home security.
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Technical Information

Energy Efficiency

Our uPVC, timber and aluminium sliding doors boast outstanding weather and energy performance due to their modern designs and sophisticated manufacturing techniques. They come with a fantastic A+ energy rating and each door has passed the air pressure test of 450 pa in pressure. This means your new sliding patio doors will avoid the warmth of your home from escaping and deter draughts from entering

Each door is fitted with energy-efficient glazing too!


Our sliding patio doors are available in uPVC, timber or aluminiumuPVC is highly versatile and low-maintenance, timber is perfect for heritage properties and homeowners looking for a traditionally charming aesthetic. Aluminium is durable, sleek and extremely robust.

You will have ultimate freedom in the configurations of your sliding patio door. You can opt for either 2, 3 or 4 panel options, unique inline or lift & slide design and six configuration options. You will have a range of handles, accessories and security features to add-on. You could also combine the door system with side panels to create a “wall of glass”.


A floor to ceiling height narrow profile with single, double or triple track options. The slimline profile provides maximum daylight and wider, improved views of the outdoors.


They provide a smooth operation through its stainless steel, easy-glide rollers. Popping outside doesn’t need to be a hassle, along with it’s easy operation, the uPVC, timber or aluminium sliding patio doors can open without disturbing furniture.

The doors also have an anti-lifting block, which keeps the sliding patio doors securely fitted to the tracks.

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