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Replacement Greenhouse Glass

Replacement Greenhouse Glass by Sheerwater Glass

Supplied and installed by glass experts

Our greenhouse replacement glass is horticultural glass. As standard, horticultural glass is 3mm in thickness and is considered the lowest grade of glass for greenhouses. However, it is the perfect choice of glazing for a greenhouse; in regards to its performance and affordability.

At Sheerwater Glass, we understand how important a fully functioning greenhouse is for keen gardeners. Available in a myriad of sizes and designs, they provide the ideal environment to promote the maximum growth and health of all varieties of plant life and vegetables.

We aim to equip our customers with the knowledge you need and provide the highest service and care regarding replacement greenhouse glass material used in these structures, helping you to get the best use and enjoyment from your greenhouse.

  • Variable, economic greenhouse glazing
  • Finely cut-to-size
  • Expertly installed by glass professionals

Replacement Greenhouse Glass Replacement

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Cut To Size

Combining the perfect greenhouse glass type with the latest tools, we provide replacement greenhouse glass which performs well and is affordable. We take the time to source the most suitable products and materials across all our glass and glazing services; meaning we can help to make your greenhouse and plants look outstanding again.

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Expert Installation

Our specialist team has been supplying and installing replacement greenhouse glass in Surrey and beyond for more than 40 years. With our skilled workmanship, our greenhouse replacement glass is made to last well into the future. Our expert installation is provided by a friendly, efficient and professional greenhouse glass installer.

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High Performance

Our replacement greenhouse glass is ideal for greenhouses and garden sheds. It works extremely well in protecting your plants from the elements, enables you to control their environment correctly, and the glass itself withstands daily wear and tear.

We provide the ideal Replacement Greenhouse Glass

We have glass to fit traditional span, lean to or Dutch light designs, so any broken greenhouse glass can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement greenhouse.

Greenhouse glass is usually 3mm thick and slightly weaker than standard glass. This is important if you have children, because there is a greater risk of accidental damage or injury.  Therefore, you can always upgrade the glass in your greenhouse to toughened/safety glass or even 6.4mm laminated glass.

What do we offer?

We stock replacement greenhouse glass at all standard sizes, allowing us to repair or replace anything from a single broken or damaged glass pane to an entire greenhouse at a low cost. The glass panes that we keep in stock are measured at the standard sizes of:

  • 610 x 610 (24″ x 24″)
  • 458 x 610 (18″ x 24″)
  • 1422 x 730 (56” x 28 3/4″)
Greenhouse glazing

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