Are gym mirrors different from home mirrors?

8th Apr 2022
Bespoke Home Gym Fitted Mirror

Whenever you go to the gym, you may notice that the mirrors there are incredibly large. They’re there to reaffirm a positive body image and inspire confidence in gym users. When it comes to designing your own home gym, you may be wondering how you can replicate this effect. Can you just use regular, everyday mirrors? Or do you require something specially manufactured? Below, we’ll be covering the main differences between gym mirrors and regular mirrors, and discussing how you can ensure that your home gym mirrors are of the highest quality.

Home gym mirrors are larger

Gym mirrors are considerably bigger than the average mirror you see at home. This is because they’ve been custom-made to the exact specifications of the gym’s walls.

To secure an authentic gym atmosphere in your home gym, invest in high-quality glass which has been cut and measured to your exact requirements.

Home gym mirrors are safer

The glass used for gym mirrors is toughened to make it incredibly resilient against force. With lots of heavy equipment around, such as barbells and dumbells, strong glass prevents any breakages in the event of an accident. Household mirrors are usually between 3 to 4.5mm thick, while a gym mirror is around 6mm thick. It’s for this reason that you should not use just any old mirror for your home gym mirrors.  By investing in better quality, you’ll keep your home gym a safe and stress-free space to exercise.

It’s also important that you mount home gym mirrors to the walls, to reduce the likelihood of impact with heavy equipment.

Home gym mirrors are clearer

The average home mirror will gradually lose its bright sheen over time. A gym mirror’s clarity, however, never fades and always remains to look sparkling new. This is down to the quality of the glass and the way the mirrors are manufactured.

With a clearer mirror, your home gym will become a more inviting space that you actually want to visit. You’ll also be able to see your progress as you work out and reassure yourself that you are doing the exercises properly.

Gym mirrors are angled

Believe it or not, most gym mirrors are tilted marginally forward to create an optical illusion that makes members appear stronger and more muscular when they stand in front of it. This design is intended to inspire confidence in gym users and improve their own sense of body image. This is not an effect that you can achieve with a standard home mirror.

High-performance home gym mirrors in Surrey

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