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Bi-fold doors, also known as folding sliding doors, have become increasingly popular additions to homes across Surrey.

With their ability to merge indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, it’s no surprise bi-folding doors are a go-to choice for Surrey homeowners seeking style and functionality.

This comprehensive guide will explore the appeal, types, costs, pros and cons, and providers of bifold doors to help you determine if they are right for your Surrey home.

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The Appeal of Bi-fold Doors for Surrey Homes

Bi-fold doors offer Surrey homeowners some unique benefits that make them a very sought-after choice:

Aesthetic Appeal – With large glass panels that can collapse and stack out of the way, bifold doors create a modern, minimalist look and unobstructed views. This fluid indoor-outdoor effect is visually striking.

Abundant Natural Light – The expanse of glass brings in a flood of natural light, creating brighter and more cheerful living spaces. Light-filled homes are at a premium in Surrey.

Enhanced Connection – Completely opening the space between indoors and outdoors enhances your connection with the exterior and brings the full range of nature’s beauty into focus.

Adaptable Ventilation – Bifold doors allow you to control airflow and protect your room against the elements. Fully closed or partially opened, ventilation adapts to your needs.

Space Optimisation – Discreetly folded back against walls, bifold windows and doors maximise both indoor and outdoor square footage and create multifunctional areas.

Bifold doors offer the perfect blend of form and function that enhances both thermal efficiency and the beauty and enjoyment of a home. It’s easy to see why they appeal to Surrey homeowners seeking to optimise their living space.


Exploring Different Types of Bi-fold Doors

If you’re considering installing bi fold doors in your Surrey home, you’ll need to decide which type best suits your space. Some top options for bi folding doors include:

Aluminium Bi folding doors – Aluminium is a lightweight yet robust material. Aluminium bi folds feature ultra slim, sleek frames and are available in a diverse range of colours and finishes from brilliant whites to muted tones. They bring modern flair at a lower cost than other materials.

uPVC Bi folds – uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) bi folds offer enhanced thermal insulation. Though not as sleekly minimalist as aluminium, uPVC comes in a wide variety of colours and realistic wood grain finishes. Bonus – it requires very little maintenance.

Composite Bi folds – Made from a blend of materials like aluminium, uPVC, acrylic, or fibreglass, composites combine the benefits of multiple materials for strength, insulation thermal performance, and aesthetics. High-end composite bi folds mimic flawless wood.

Timber Bi folds – For classic charm and timeless elegance, timber bifold doors can’t be surpassed. Oak and pine styles make a stunning impression with beautiful wood grains. Timber requires proper treatment and ongoing maintenance however.

When selecting aluminium bifold doors for your home, consider the look you want to achieve as well as practical factors like budget, insulation needs, and required maintenance. Aluminium bi folds offer an optimal blend of modern style, energy efficiency, durability, and affordability.

The Cost of Bi-fold Doors

So how much will bifold doors set you back? The cost depends on the size of your opening, material, quality of hardware, accessories like colour and double glazing, and whether you opt for bespoke customisation. On average:

– uPVC Bi folds come in at the cheapest.

– Aluminium Bi folds are usually next up.

– Timber Bi folds are usually slightly more.

– Composite Bi folds finish the list at the top.

Installation costs can vary depending on complexity. Measure your space carefully and obtain quotes from a few providers before deciding. Focus on high quality materials over bargain pricing, as lifetime performance relies on sturdy construction. Consider bifold doors an investment that will reward you for years to come.


The Pros and Cons of Bi-fold Doors

Despite huge popularity, bifold doors also come with some downsides to consider:


– Sleek, modern aesthetic

– Expansive views

– Increased natural light

– Indoor-outdoor flow

– Adaptable ventilation

– Easy operation


– Upfront costs

– Potential for jamming

– Can allow dust/debris inside when open

– Exposed hardware may corrode if low quality

– Glass requires frequent cleaning

– Not as thermally efficient as some alternatives

Some assume bi fold patio doors are falling out of favour due to the cons above, with French and Sliding patio doors coming back into favour. But as designs improve, bi folds remain a highly desired upgrade for their stylish looks and ability to connect living space with the outdoors. Advancements like seamless corner joints, flush weather seals, and corrosion-resistant hardware make them functional and hassle-free.


DIY Vs Professional Installers

For quality and high performance, we recommend avoiding the DIY approach and working with an experienced bifold door provider. They will ensure your bifold doors in surrey and are sized and configured correctly with all necessary hardware for flawless function. Investing in precision installation ensures your bifold doors operate smoothly for years of lasting enjoyment.


Choosing the Right Bi-fold Doors for Your Surrey Home

Ready to choose bi-fold doors for your own property? Keep these tips in mind:

– Hire an experienced installer for precise measurements and recommendations on product options. Doors should be custom sized to fit your openings.

– Consider your architectural style, both interior and exterior. Modern, contemporary homes suit sleek aluminium bi fold doors. Traditional exteriors may demand timber bi-folds.

– Determine desired look and views. Do you want expansive glass with limited framing? Slimmer aluminium windows or composite frames maximise glass surface area.

– Account for weatherisation needs based on frame placement. – External doors and bifolds in cold/wet climates benefit from composite, thermally broken aluminium, or uPVC frames.

– Address security concerns with laminated, toughened safety glass; electric roller shutters; and secure locking mechanisms installed. Certified installers know the optimal specs.

– Be realistic about required care/maintenance based on material. Timber and painted finishes demand the most upkeep. Aluminium and uPVC clean up the easiest.

Address practical needs while also allowing your personality and taste to shine through. The right bifold doors will beautifully enhance your Surrey home for a lifetime.

Showcase: Sheerwater Glass, One of Surrey’s Top Bi-fold Door Providers

Surrey is home to several high-quality bi-fold door providers that deliver stunning results.

Sheerwater Glass handles the entire process for flawless bespoke doors. Bold yet minimalist styles allow indoor spaces to embrace the outdoors.

This family-run business has over 50 years of experience with glazing, doors including bi-fold doors in Surrey. No job is too small or complex. Their expert team has an eye for precision, they handcraft bespoke timber,  aluminium and uPVC bifold doors that stand the test of time.

Sheerwater Glass over delivers on service, quality, and expertise. It’s good practice to talk with a few chosen suppliers before deciding on the right fit for you.

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Bi-fold doors offer a gorgeous way to open up and connect indoor areas to the surrounding outdoor environment. With clean lines and expansive views that flood any space with natural light, it’s easy to appreciate their immense popularity in Surrey homes. Sleek aluminium bifolds in particular combine durability, aesthetics and functionality.

Take time to carefully measure your space, consider configuration, and evaluate suppliers in your area such as Sheerwater Glass. Investing in precision installation ensures your new bifold doors enhance your lifestyle and home’s value for many years to come. Let us know if we can answer any other questions about realising the bifold door dream in your Surrey home!


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