Why Choose the Revival Window System Over Residence 9

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Here we have two leading window systems on the market, but there can only be one winner… it’s time for them to go frame to frame!

We find ourselves in a great position at Sheerwater Glass - we work with many of the leading manufacturers in the industry and have a great exposure to the range of products available on the market.

Residence 9

As part of The Residence Collection, the Residence 9 (R9) is a premium flush window range for conservation and heritage style properties. It’s renowned as a ‘superior design’ that is maintenance free and effortless in style.

It is a very popular window amongst window fitters across the UK, it’s even hailed as one of the leading premium windows on the market. Interestingly, there has been a relatively recent unmasking with the R9 windows within the last few years.

A Major Problem with Residence 9 Windows.

The main issue with this window is that certain companies manufacturing R9 windows are providing R9 windows that haven’t been bonded to the glass unit. Because the R9 windows is designed to use a glass-bonded system, this severely limits the window’s performance.

A number of companies have emerged as guilty parties in this poor fabrication process and many homeowners have been left with these poorly installed, unreliable unglazed windows.

How has the issue come about?

The issue was highlighted by Kurt Greatrex, the sales director of a leading Residence Collection fabricator Dekko Window Systems.

He compared the current issue with the R9 product with that of the ‘pinking profile’, which arose back in the 80s and early 90s. The reason being that companies fought for better margins and began to engineer their own formulas with leading products on the market. This, of course, resulted in removing essential components which impacted the performance and quality of the windows. Discolouration was a knock on effect. It also severely bruised the reputation of uPVC windows and doors.

The Residence Collection’s windows achieve industry-leading U-values through its smart design. The frames and sashes are deeper than conventional systems, they offer more thermal chamber pockets and webs, and their profiles are much thicker. R9 windows are bonded to the glass unit to give them greater strength. Because they’re mechanically jointed to the frame, it eliminates the need for traditional steel reinforcement.

Compare that to those fabricators who boast that their R9 windows are unglazed and without glass-bonding, it sends a shiver down the spine.

This is essentially going against the technical manufacturing recommendation of The Residence Collection and the technical specifications of the R9 window system.

Should you decide to buy an unglazed R9 window which is timber welded, it will be cheaper and may even give you ‘more flexibility’. But in reality, the fact that the window isn’t factory glazed, it will need to be glass bonded on-site. This in itself is going against the standard requirements of glass-bonding in the right environment.

It may save you some money going down this route, but only for the short term. This poorly manufactured version of the R9 window will have a poor impact on your home.

You must avoid unglazed and unbonded R9 windows at all cost!

We are in a difficult period where the market is saturated with competition and a range of products. But fabricators mustn’t cut corners to drive down prices by providing poor products!

Avoid the risk by choosing a Revival window system!

Revival benefits and features

Revival by name, revival by nature. The Revival FlushSASH and Revival Casement windows are a unique outward opening and internally beaded window which will have no problem in reviving your property!

The Revival is designed to suit every style of property; with its classic look of an authentic traditional timber window combined with the benefits of a modern, secure, low maintenance and energy efficient uPVC.

Its unique 85mm deep yet slender profile frame is available for both the window and door system, and incorporates a 7 chamber multi wall profile for optimum strength and thermal efficiency. Its deep sculptured edge detail with jointed transoms and mullions replicate the look of traditional mortise and tenon joints.

All property owners can benefit from the Revival system.

The Revival window is ideal for all property owners who are looking to replace old and possibly rotten deep framed timber windows with a beautifully traditional, yet thermally efficient, secure and easy to maintain alternative.

This Revival system offers 4 sash options: the standard sculptured or chamfered, or the unique SlimSASH or FlushSASH with a new deep bottom rail.To find out more about this classy window system, get in touch with our team!

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