10 Configurations for Cortizo sliding doors in Surrey that achieve a high-end look

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Here at Sheerwater Glass, we are proud to offer a high-end, slimline sliding door solution for the home: Cortizo sliding doors. Providing homes with a level of luxury that competing systems simply fail to match, their design is incredibly flexible. We offer Cortizo Cor Vision and 4200 slimline doors, and here are 10 uses for them that can give your home that high-end feel.

1. 6-panel, wide-span sliding doors

Cortizo 4200 6-panel black slimline sliding doorsWith the option to have 6 glass door panels that are individually sized up to a maximum width of 2.5m and height of 3m, you can literally replace a solid wall with one built from glass. For anyone with the space available, this option will make it almost impossible to determine where your home finishes and garden begins.

2. Corner sliding doors

Cortizo Vision corner slimline sliding doorsCortizo sliding doors in Surrey, are available in a corner configuration and when it comes to giving your home the wow-factor, very little does so quite as well as corner sliding doors. Suitable for when enough support is present, corner sliding doors make it appear as if your roof is floating above the door opening, leaving an almost complete wall of glass. Choose from an integrated corner post or a completely open corner, with the latter ensuring for seamless garden views from inside the home.

3. Pocket sliding doors

Cortizo vision corner sliding doorsWhen the glass door panels are opened on pocket doors, they slide into recesses in the wall. This completely conceals them from view and leaves an open space for you to move effortlessly between different areas of your home.

Whether you want to move from the main property to the garden, from an en-suite to a walk-in closet, or between different areas of the home, provided the walls are suitable, pocket sliding doors could be the high-end solution you need.

4. Centre-opening sliding doors

White 6-panel cortizo 4200 slimline doorsCentre-opening sliding doors consist of a combination of fixed and sliding door panels. When opened, the central door panels slide to the left and right behind the fixed panels on either side, leaving an open space in the centre of the doors.

5. Telescoping sliding doors

3 panel cortizo luxury doorsTelescoping sliding doors are a great solution if you’d like Cortizo sliding doors in Surrey with at least 3 door panels. The door panels are mounted on rollers within an outer frame, and they slide to either the left or right to open, with the door panels stacking on top of one another.

6. Sliding doors upstairs and down

Anthracite Grey Cor Vision Plus slimline sliding doorsStacking sets of sliding doors on top of one another, like in the example above, is, without doubt, one of the most dramatic alterations you can make to your home. Although not every home will be suitable for such a considerable change, those that are suitable can have their first and second storeys bathed in natural light with

7. Combining multiple sets of sliding doors

2 sets of black cortizo 4200 sliding doorsDepending on the layout and size of your home, and what you’d like to achieve, you might even wish to combine more than one set of Cortizo doors together. You might like 2 sets of 2-panel sliding doors or a set of 4-panel corner sliding doors and a set of 3-panel telescoping sliding doors. However, with individual door sets being available with between 2-6 fixed and sliding door panels, there are so many ways to give your home its own unique brand of luxury.

8. Coloured sliding doors

Although white, grey and black are the most commonly used colours for high-end, slimline aluminium doors, you have the full RAL colour range at your disposal. Plus, wood effect, anodised and even anti-bacterial finishes. Therefore, there a huge range of coloured sliding doors available too.

9. Creating a glass box for a room in the home

Glass box room Cortizo sliding doorsUsing Cortizo doors to create a glass box creates a physical barrier around a room and ensures it doesn’t feel separate from the surrounding area. Although the example above is showcasing a dining room, other popular options include gyms and offices. Simply put, if you’re looking for high-end, open-plan living for your home, this could be just what you’re looking for.

10. Classic 2-panel sliding doors

2-panel cortizo cor vision sliding doorsThe 2-panel sliding door design is, arguably, the one that is most familiar to homeowners. Characterised by a fixed panel on one side and a panel that slides to the left or right on the other, the simplicity of this design makes it one of the most stylish and practical, especially for areas where space is a commodity.

Are you interested in a set of Cortizo slimline aluminium doors for your home? Get in touch with Sheerwater Glass today. We are available to call on 01932 344 415 or you can contact us online.

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