How to deal with a leaking conservatory roof

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There’s never a great time to have a leaky conservatory roof, regardless of what the temperature is outside. Leaks are often caused by a range of factors. So, there are a few options available to you to fix your leaking conservatory roof.

Of course, the available fixes will vary depending on the type of conservatory roof you have. We recommend fixing a leaky roof as soon as you can. This is because leaks can cause health concerns, from mould to mildew and even further structural problems.

Leaking glass conservatory roof

Why is the conservatory roof leaking?

Some of the factors include:

  • Damage to the glass

Accidental damage, thermal stress, or other environmental factors can lead to glass conservatory roof damage.

  • Damaged or deteriorated conservatory roof sealant

This is one of the more common reasons a glass conservatory roof is leaking. The conservatory roof sealant should provide air-tight protection from the elements. But this layer can break down, either through poor installation or wear and tear over time.

Is a leaking conservatory roof covered by insurance?

As long as you've informed your insurer, your conservatory should be covered by your building insurance. But it's important to note that building insurance usually covers sudden damage. So, if your leaking conservatory roof is caused by general wear and tear it may not be covered. Contact your insurer for clarity.

Conservatory leak fix | How can I get a leaking conservatory roof fixed?

If your conservatory is within its guarantee period, you may be able to get the problem fixed by the installer or manufacturer. Alternatively, some reputable companies offer conservatory roof leak repair services that should resolve your problem. If the conservatory is well out of its guarantee period, it may be worth considering a more energy-efficient replacement roof.

Tip: accidental or malicious damage often won’t be covered under the guarantee.

Edwardian conservatory

Leaking polycarbonate conservatory roof

Why is the roof leaking? How do you fix a leaking conservatory where it joins the house?

Some of the factors include:

  • Damaged panels

Varying temperatures, hail, or natural wear and tear could be causing damage.

  • Poor installation

Panels slipping or being too short could be a sign of poor installation. Wall flashing, which is a waterproof membrane that seals the area between the wall and conservatory roof, is a common area that can develop leaks due to poor installation.

  • Conservatory roof sealant has failed

The conservatory sealant can also break down naturally over time. This weatherproof layer protects the room from the worst that the Surrey weather throws at you.

Solid Guardian Warm Roof Conservatory

Conservatory roof sealant | What is the best sealant for a conservatory roof?

Tip: some DIY fixes may void the warranty of the roof or conservatory as a whole.

If you are experiencing a leaking conservatory roof, it's the first sign that there is a major problem with your glass extension. Re-applying a conservatory roof sealant is a quick fix to stop leaks for the time being, but if your conservatory continues to leak we advise getting a specialist to take a look before the problems worsen. They will examine your leaking roof and explain the extent of the issue, and advise on the best solution to get your conservatory back to performing like normal.

There are many brands of roof sealants available at home improvement stores. You should choose a sealant that offers high protection from extreme weather, and look at the longevity of how long it will last. Some conservatory roof sealants only protect from leaks for a short time. You should also note that your conservatory guarantee may not protect against DIY jobs, so you should be confident that you'll be able to apply the sealant correctly. If you're not sure, we advise calling in a conservatory roof expert.

Replacement roofs for leaking conservatories in Guildford, Woking and Surrey

Due to its outstanding energy efficiency and quick installation, the Guardian Warm Roof is the ideal conservatory roof replacement. Solid and lightweight, this precision-engineered roof design can be fitted to any existing frame, transforming your room into a versatile living space that can be enjoyed all year round.

To find out more about your conservatory and roofing options, please get in touch with the Sheerwater Glass team today. Give us a call on 01932 344415, contact us online, or pop into our showroom to view our range of conservatory roof systems for yourself.

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