Halloween Tricks to Decorate Your Door Without Damaging it!

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Trick or Treat...

We’ve got some cool tricks for you this year at Sheerwater Glass. Don’t worry, it’s not that kind of trick, you’ll enjoy these!

Whether you want to get into the Halloween spirit yourself or your kids are pestering you to hang bones, ghosts and bats from your door, porch or windows, we’ve got some tricks on how to decorate your home without damaging it. We’re particularly focussing on your front door!

We’ve all experienced a time where we decide to decorate and end up damaging something – blu tack peeling your paint, sellotape marking your windows, or decorations scratching your glass. It’s a real pain and can really detract from the look of your home, which is why we want to help ensure that the whole family gets what they want; fun decorations and techniques to maintain the condition of your home.

The best thing about this blog is that it’s not only great for Halloween but all holidays, including the one that is extremely close to us now… Christmas!

4 tips on decorating your front door without damaging it

First, the don’ts:

Avoid tape at all costs!

The best piece of advice we have for you… do not use tape for decorating!

There’s no doubt that tape is really useful when it comes to hanging stuff off walls, doors and ceilings, but they’re too sticky. Tape sticks so well that when peeled it can take paint and lacquer with it.

Unless you’re planning to redecorate, avoid tape!

That goes for nails too…

Using nails for your door is a big no too. It will not only make your door unsightly, but it can affect its performance too. Once you see a hole in your home, whether it’s on your wall or door, it’s hard to unsee it.

It may be the case that you keep a nail in your door all year around anyway, which is fine, or you’re planning on getting a new door anyway. But if not, then avoid nails and screws!

4 Tricks for Safe Decorating

Self-Adhesive Hooks

Removable self-adhesive hooks are extremely useful both indoors and out. Their main selling point is that they can stick without damaging a surface, which is ideal for your door. Do bear in mind though the weight of what it is you want to hang off the hook – each pack will state the max weight a hook can hold.

Not only will you be able to safely hang Halloween wreaths off a self-adhesive hook, but you can use the hook as a centre point for your decorating. This can be achieved by putting the hook on the back of the door instead of the front. It means you can then loop ribbon or wire around the hook inside, keeping a seamless look for the front of the door. Whether you wish to hang a wreath or a skeleton on the front of your door, this is a great option for you.

Use fishing line for hanging

This one coincides with our first point. Combine a fishing line with self-adhesive hooks and you will be able to hang various Halloween decorations from your door. If you have a spare roll of fishing line lurking in your shed or garage, then put it to work. Fishing line is thin and strong, making it an ideal solution that won’t damage your door and will be barely noticeable.

How to hang a wreath with a fishing line: Using a Halloween wreath as an example, loop the fishing line through the wreath and then create two additional loops and place them through the wreath. Take both the loops and place them on opposite corners of the door – creating a seemingly ‘floating’ wreath on your door!

Over-the-Door Hooks

Over-the-door hooks are very useful for holding towels, jackets, bathrobes and dressing gowns, but they’re also great for damage-free Halloween decorating. Because an over-the-door hook sits nicely on top of a door, it doesn’t even need to be fastened. Something to note, the door hooks can scratch your door, so try attach a piece of felt on the back of the hook to prevent it from scratching.

You will be able to hang all sorts of decorations from your door with an over-the-door hook!

Suction and putty hooks are useful too if you have glass on your door.

Decorate without touching your door

We’ve established various hooks that you could use to assist in hanging stuff from your door, but why not use the surrounding area of your door instead?

Rather than risk damaging your door, why not decorate around it instead? If there is brickwork around your door or your door sits in a porch, you will have much more freedom in what you can use on those surfaces, rather than if you’re sticking things to wood or uPVC.

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