What are the different types of window frames?

11th Feb 2021
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Here at Sheerwater Glass, we often get asked ‘what are the different types of window frames?’. So, if you’re interested to learn about small frame windows and the other types that are available – and some other related questions – read on!

Small frame windows

Often referred to as slimline windows, small frame windows are windows with slimmer framing than your average window. This gives them a more contemporary look and a larger glass area. In the past, you would only get small frame windows built from aluminium as the strength of the material means frames can be built slimmer and the window’s glazing will still have enough support.

However, here at Sheerwater Glass, we offer our exclusive uPVC slimline windows! Offering 12% more glass than a standard window, they boast of the slimmest uPVC profiles in the UK!

Slimline uPVC window in White

Standard window frames

Standard window frames are between 20-28mm thick. These are suitable for many homeowners, although if you find this is too bulky for your liking, we recommend our uPVC slimline windows, which we mentioned earlier.

What are the different frame materials?

Another way that you can distinguish between different types of window frame is by the material that they are built from. The most common frame materials are:

What type of windows last the longest?

The lifespan of a window is dependent on various factors, such as how much maintenance they receive and the environment that they are fitted. However, the frame material that can last the longest is timber. Provided timber windows are properly cared for, they can last a lifetime!

Stormproof Casement Timber Windows

What are the different styles of window?

Windows come in a wide range of styles, which we have listed below:

What are window frames called?

The term window frame refers to the framework that surrounds the whole window. However, the framework consists of several parts:

  • The head – this is the main horizontal part at the top of the frame.
  • Jambs – these are the main vertical parts on the sides of the window frame.
  • Sill – the windowsill is the main horizontal part that forms the bottom part of the frame.

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