How thick are uPVC window frames?

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There isn't a single answer to the uPVC window thickness question. uPVC windows are very adaptable and can be customised in almost any way. It may not be the answer you were looking for, but it does provide you with greater flexibility in terms of choosing the right uPVC window for you and your home!

uPVC slimline casement windows Rosewood2The industry standard uPVC window frame thickness

There has to be some thickness within a uPVC system, due to the fact that there is great engineering involved in its production.

Double glazed windows are fitted with two panes of glass, which have a space of around 12mm - 16mm between them. The gap is held in place with a spacer bar and filled with either normal air or argon gas. Because of the gap and the glazing, the standard thickness for a double glazed unit on a uPVC window is around 20mm - 28mm.

The bulkiness of uPVC windows can put some customers off, but not all of them are as thick as the standard size...

Our uPVC Window Options

Is there a thinner uPVC window frame available?

Yes, uPVC windows can be much thinner! As far as profile thickness goes, our slimline windows are of a similar thickness to single glazed timber windows. Whether you're craving natural light and a better view of the outdoors, or you're attempting to find a window that won't detract from your home's exterior, this is the window for you!

Our exclusive uPVC slim frame window is known across the land for sleek aesthetics, energy efficiency, and high level of security. Take a look at the comparison below to see the difference in the window frame thickness for yourself. Our slimline window frames on the left provide a much sleeker appearance, letting in more natural light and adding serious kerb appeal.

Slimline vs casement

How to measure thickness of double glazing

The process for measuring the thickness of your own double glazing is easy to do:

  • Start by measuring the distance from the outside of the frame to the inside
  • Take the measurement from edge to edge of the window frame
  • Repeat these steps in several places
  • Your smallest measurement will be the depth that you require

Our uPVC Window Options

If you want to learn more about how to measure up windows, we have created an informative blog which you can access via the link here.

What is the glass thickness on double glazing?

Most double glazed windows use glass panes that are 4mm in depth. So, as there are 2 panes of glass in use, the total window glass thickness is 8mm. However, thicker glass panes are available. Using thicker glass can improve insulation and keep out more noise. If you require these qualities for your home, we can help!

Energy-efficient double glazed window frames

With increasing fuel costs, choosing energy-efficient double-glazed windows that look the part is important. However, we have developed our slimline frame system for maximum light intake with less uPVC frame and more glass. Achieving an A+ Window Energy Rating, they have also been developed for energy-efficiency. Therefore, they will keep your home at a comfortable temperature and see your energy bills reduced.

Built using the best quality uPVC available, our uPVC windows can perform like new for at least 25 years without any maintenance. So you can enjoy your new windows without worrying about any upkeep!

Check out our slimline window guide below and see the benefits of our elegant slimline uPVC window systems!

uPVC Slimline Windows Guide 2018

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