How to measure windows and doors to get a price from home

18th May 2020
Slimline windows and composite door in white

If you’ve been thinking of getting a quote for a set of windows or a new door, you might have thought this won’t be possible because of the current contact restrictions. However, using the advice in this blog, you can easily help us give you the most accurate quote with minimal or no need to visit your home.

However, when taking any measurements for windows and doors, make sure to do so in millimetres, not inches! As millimetres are a smaller unit of measurement, this will ensure the measurements you take are more precise.

How to measure up new windows

When measuring the height and width of new windows, it is essential to take these measurements on the outside brickwork opening. Also, you should not measure the old window frame. Then do the following:

  • Take a measurement of the width at the top, middle and bottom of the window opening.
  • Next, measure the height of the window opening on the left side, middle and right side.
  • Take the shortest height and width measurements and deduct 10mm from them. This is done so the fitter has a small fitting allowance to work with when they come to fit your replacement windows.
  • For the depth, measure the distance from the outside of the frame to the inside and take the measurement from edge to edge of the window frame in several places. Your smallest measurement will be the depth that you require.


After doing this, send your measurements to us and the type of window that you’re after and we will send you an accurate quote for the job. Include any pictures to also help us recommend any particular windows to help you.

Measuring your window iPhone tip! – did you know, the newest iPhones have a rough measurement tool! On your phone it should be called Measure. They work out the size of a space by just scanning the camera across! Might be worth double checking the measurements, but don’t worry, a surveyor will do a final accurate measurement before any installation.

How to measure a new door

When taking any measurements for new doors, make sure you do it from inside of the door frame and not the door itself. The frame is a separate unit but will be discussed with you when looking at style options. Then do the following:

  • Measure the width from the inside of the door frame to the other at the top, bottom and middle.
  • Take height measurements from the floor to the top on the left- and right-hand side, making sure to account for any flooring if it hasn’t been laid yet.
  • The largest measurements for width and height are the ones that you will need to remember. These are your main measurements we’d need to help with quoting.


As is the case with the windows, simply send us your measurements and the product you’re after and we will send you an accurate quote.

Sending images to get a quote

To get a quote for any windows and doors, you could take several pictures using your phone and then send them to us via our online contact form. If you need someone to talk you through this process, please give us a call on 01932 344 415.

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