What are the standard window sizes in the UK?

10th Apr 2019
UPVC wood grain foil windows

Although windows can be created on a bespoke basis to suit the homeowner, they are also available in a number of standard sizes. Knowing these standard sizes is useful to anyone considering window replacement as you’ll know if the size you require is readily available. With this in mind, we’ve created this blog on standard UK window sizes to help any homeowner out there.

Standard uPVC window height

Tilt and turn windows

A popular choice for homeowners, uPVC windows are cost-effective, thermally efficient and easy to maintain. The standard height for them starts at 450mm and goes up in increments of 150mm. We have listed the full standard heights for them below:

  • 450mm
  • 600mm
  • 1,050mm
  • 1,200mm
  • 1,350mm
  • 1,500mm

Standard uPVC window width

White slimline windows and doors

The width of uPVC windows is not as straightforward as the height. This is because their frames were originally made to fit bricks that were 215mm long. However, uPVC window frames have also been made to fit bricks that are 300mm in length, in accordance with a directive from the EU. We have listed some standard widths for them below:

  • 488mm
  • 630mm
  • 915mm
  • 1,200mm
  • 1,770mm

Standard thickness of a uPVC window frame

A standard uPVC window is double glazed, which means that they’re fitted with two panes of glass. Between the two panes is a space that is around 12mm-16mm. This gives a standard thickness of around 20mm – 28mm for a uPVC window, which is too bulky for some homeowners.

Fortunately, however, our exclusive slimline uPVC windows are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a high-performance uPVC window without the thick framing.

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uPVC slimline windows with thin frames

Our exclusive slimline windows feature profiles that are similar in depth to single glazed timber windows. As a result of these slender frames, we’re able to fit them with 12% more glass than a standard window. The beauty of this being that the more glass there is, the bigger the passageway there is for light to enter your home.

Take a look below at our comparison of a standard uPVC casement window vs our modern uPVC thin-framed windows. They can be custom-designed to your home in a range of modern and traditional colours, wood effects and designs. You can choose to incorporate our decorative glazing and a number of window furniture elements to add the finishing touches.

Slimline vs casement

So, your home will feel better lit and more spacious, plus you can better appreciate any views of your exterior space. But, that’s not all; they’ve been awarded a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A+ so are as thermally efficient as any window you’ll find on the market. Therefore, you can enjoy a more comfortable home day by day for less.

Find out more here about standard uPVC window frame thickness vs our slimline window range.

Aluminium window frame sizes

aluminium windowsDue to aluminium’s inherent strength, aluminium windows can be fitted with slender frames, similarly to our uPVC slimline windows. We can fit our aluminium windows with secondary glazing too. The maximum and minimum sizes for their width and height, however, are listed below:

  • Minimum width: 350mm
  • Maximum width: 1400mm
  • Minimum height: 300mm
  • Maximum height: 1500mm

Velux windows in a range of sizes and designsWhite velux window square

Modern Velux windows are available in a number of sizes, styles and designs to accommodate any installation. Whilst they are normally offered in a set range of sizes, they can be custom-designed to fit more unique spaces.

The beauty of Velux skylight windows is that they’ll let in plenty of natural light to create a bright and airy environment in your home, whilst adding an attractive focal point that is sure to wow your guests.

Not only do they look great, but Velux skylights are renowned for their superior performances. So your home will benefit from industry-leading levels of thermal insulation, home security and weather-resistance.

If you are interested in Velux windows for your home, check out our 4 top tips for finding out what size you need.

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Now you’ve learnt about the standard UK window sizes, why not find out how to get a price for windows from home?

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