4 top tips for finding out what size Velux window I need

15th Apr 2019
Velux extension

An attractive and practical solution for the home, Velux roof windows are a great solution for making home environments more comfortable. As a certified installer of them, we’re regularly asked ‘what size Velux window do I need?’

So, to make finding your ideal size a bit easier, we’ve shared our top tips below and split it into 4 simple sections.

  1. The type of room.
  2. The shape and size of the room.
  3. The amount of natural light you’d like to let in.
  4. The outdoor views and retaining privacy.

1. A kitchen, lounge or bedroom – which type of room will the Velux window be installed in?White Velux windows open

Our first tip for working out your required size is to think about the room where you’d like a roof window fitted. Is it a bedroom, living room, bathroom or something else? Kitchens and bathrooms, for example, are more prone to condensation build-up, due to activities like cooking and showering. Therefore, a larger roof window will ensure these rooms are better ventilated and the risk of condensation forming is reduced.

Bathrooms are also inhabited for the least amount of time overall, so you might find optimising comfort levels less important in there than you would in, say, a living or dining room.

As a leading and highly experienced Velux window installer, we can advise on the best window solution for your individual requirements and suit the function of the chosen room. Whether that be one large Velux window or several smaller windows installed together, you can be sure to get the perfect Velux window installation with us.

2. What is the shape and size of the room?

Velux windows are a fantastic way to introduce light and air to rooms. However, the size and shape of the room will have an impact on how much light and ventilation is required in order for a comfortable living environment to be attained.

Bigger roof lights offer more light and air than smaller ones, however, you might find that more than one roof light is required to achieve optimum comfort levels. The shape of the room will also impact the position of the roof light(s) and the number of them that are required.

3. How much natural light do you want to let in?

Triple velux window installation

Rooms that are south-facing are likely to receive sunlight consistently. North facing rooms, on the other hand, will be lit more dimly throughout the day. East and west facing rooms will also receive either morning or afternoon sunshine respectively. Therefore, knowing how much light the room receives is a good way to determine how big your Velux window needs to be in order to maximise light in there.

For rooms of an overall size of 25m², roughly 5m of window will be needed to maximise light. However, there’s no reason you can’t have more if desired.

If you plan on sleeping in some days, just make sure you don’t forget about ordering blinds too.

4. How can you make the most of the outside views with a Velux window?

If you’re not particularly fond of the view outside, you might consider a smaller roof light. But, on the contrary, if you absolutely adore your outside space, a larger Velux roof window will allow you to appreciate it better.

We can advise on the ideal Velux window size and shape to retain your privacy if your home is overlooked by neighbouring properties. This means you’ll get the best of both worlds with a bright and airy feel that still stops other property owners from looking in.

Finding the right size for replacement Velux windows

For any replacement Velux windows, there’s a simple way of determining the required size. Located on the top right corner of the frame on your existing window is a plate. This plate denotes the type, size, variant, and production code of your roof window, which you can use to order an exact replacement.

Bear in mind that you can also change the type of roof window and keep it the same size.

Choose a certified Velux window installer to get the exact size requirementsWhite velux window

If you’re looking for a Velux window installer, ensure that you choose a certified company to eliminate any issues from occurring. Installers go through rigorous processes to become Velux window qualified. This ensures that installations are completed to the highest-quality, so you can be sure that you’re choosing an experienced and expert installer.

At Sheerwater Glass, we are a certified Velux installer so you can trust our expert advice on all things Velux windows. Our thoroughly trained team are more than equipped to get the exact requirements for a new or replacement Velux window. Our certification also means that we can perform full Velux window replacements and rectify any problems with existing roof lights.

What size do Velux windows come in?

Velux windows come in a range of sizes. They can be made to fit slim, elongated spaces or wide, small spaces. However, the tallest size a Velux window comes in is 180cm and the shortest 55cm. The widest size is 134cm and the slimmest size is 47cm. For more information about window sizes, read our blog here. 

Do you need planning to install Velux roof windows?

Typically, there is no need to apply for planning permission when installing roof lights or skylights into your home, as long as the following requirements are met:

  • Any windows installed must not protrude more than 150 millimetres above the existing roof plane
  • No alteration can be higher than the highest part of the roof or stand out above the roof ridge
  • Side-facing windows are to consist of obscure glazing for privacy purposes and should not be openable unless 1.7m above the floor

The new Velux ACTIVE System is on display at our showroom

Here at Sheerwater Glass, we’ve recently added the Velux ACTIVE system to our showroom. Using cutting-edge technology, the ACTIVE system measures indoor and outdoor humidity, CO2 levels, and temperature and then operates Velux blinds, windows and shutters to optimise your indoor environment. You can choose from a variety of Velux window designs, colours, sizes and configurations to suit any style of property and room.

Add a bespoke touch to your home with a new Velux window

Head on down to our showroom and check out this incredible innovation today. For further information on our products & services, give us a call on 01932 344 415 or fill out our simple quote form for your free no-obligation Velux window price.