What is a Velux Roof Window?

12th Aug 2019
Two velux window one open

Every year we are inundated with studies from around the world proclaiming the benefits of natural light. We get a boost of vitamin D, our quality of sleep improves and there is a noticeable reduction in stress levels when we increase our exposure to natural light. The health benefits are just one of many reasons to consider a Velux window. This window system has set a new standard in quality with an outstanding product that’s easy on the eye too.

Velux has a diverse range of window styles to suit any room and requirements. Some of these variants include skylights, flat roof windows and much more. While there may be many factors to consider when choosing to get a new Velux window, there are a few key features of the precision-engineered Velux windows:

Safety glazing

White Velux windows open

Velux are the only roof window manufacturer that offers laminated safety glazing as standard. This feature prevents the glass from falling into your home if it’s broken. The toughened glass provides effective support and protection from would-be intruders and the worst the British climate can throw at you. Further glazing options are available to choose from, including noise reduction, privacy and added insulation.


Velux window purple blind

ThermoTechnology is a trademarked design exclusively offered by Velux. This unique design features high-performance modern materials, either timber or uPVC, with exceptional insulation properties. No matter which Velux window you select, the design retains your home’s warmth and delivers exceptional U-values, resulting in a more consistently comfortable temperature and lower energy bills.

Ventilation bar

Two velux windows

The ventilation bar on Velux windows lets you circulate fresh air without worrying about security or poor weather. Open the brushed aluminium ventilation bar at night or when you’re away to circulate fresh air or close it without having to sacrifice any of your home’s thermal efficiency.

Versatile mounting brackets

Open velux window in bathroom

You may have different requirements depending on where your windows are located. You may need to completely block out the morning sun in your bedroom or allow soft lashings of daylight into your living room. Velux offers a varied range of blinds and shutters to suit any home and daylight control preferences. The patented mounting brackets come as standard with every window style. Simply pick the blind or shutter you’d like and click it into the bracket for effortless installation.

Velux windows for your Surrey home

Sheerwater Glass is proud to be a certified installer of Velux windows. The quality of their windows is a perfect match for our drive for outstanding customer service. For more information on Velux windows, give us a call on 01932 344 415 or contact us online.