What are the standard door sizes in the UK?

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There are various standard door sizes in the UK and knowing them is useful for anyone looking for new or replacement doors. It’s worth bearing in mind that made-to-measure doors, which are manufactured to a specific size, are available too.

In order to clue you up on standard UK door sizes, we’ve created this handy guide.

Standard uPVC door size

The standard size for uPVC doors depends on the style of door. For example, uPVC sliding doors are wider than uPVC front doors by default because of their designs. This is also true for aluminium and timber doors, which also come in a range of styles. So, for the purposes of this guide, the focus will be on the style of the door rather than the material they are built from.

Standard front door height

Solidor entrance door in WeybridgeThe Internal Residential Code specifies that the primary door to the house must be at least 80 inches (6.6667ft) tall. As the primary door is usually the front door, the most common height for front doors is 80 inches. However, there are several popular standard heights for them:

  • 78 inches (6.5ft)
  • 80 inches (6.6667ft)
  • 82 inches (6.8ft)
  • 84 inches (7ft)

It’s also important to bear in mind that these are the standard heights for back entrance doors and stable doors too.

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Standard front door width

According to the Internal Residential Code, the primary door to the house must be at least 36 inches (3ft) wide. The primary door is usually the front door, which means the most common width for them is 36 inches. However, front doors are available in several standard sizes:

  • 28 inches (2.3ft)
  • 30 inches (2.5ft)
  • 32 inches (2.6667ft)
  • 36 inches (3ft)

The standard widths mentioned above are for back doors too.

Standard size for double front doors

If the entranceway to your home is quite large, double front doors can create the grandiose feel that your home deserves. Like single front doors, they need to be at least 80 inches (6.6ft) tall, but there are several common widths for them:

  • 60 inches (5ft)
  • 64 inches (5.3ft)
  • 72 inches (6ft)
  • 82 inches (6.83ft)

If would like double front doors fitted with sidelights, this will increase their overall width again.

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Standard height of French doors

Renowned for their timeless 2-door design, French doors open inwards or outwards to let natural light and air flow into the home. Their standard height in the UK is 79.5 inches (6.625ft) and doors of this height are usually 72 inches (6ft) wide. However, their standard heights start at 48 inches (4ft) and go up as high as 120 inches (10ft).

Standard width of French doors

Rosewood slimline French doorsGenerally, French doors are between 30 inches (2.5ft) and 72 inches (6ft) wide per individual door and they go up in increments of 2 inches. However, the standard sizes do vary in accordance with the manufacturer. If opting for a French door with sidelights, which are fixed windows that sit next to the doors, they can be as wide as 118 inches (9.84ft).

There are several popular standard sizes for French doors:

  • 1200mm (3.94ft)
  • 1500mm (4.92ft)
  • 1800mm (5.9ft)

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Standard height for bifold doors

Aluminium bi-folding doors in GreyA contemporary patio door solution that folds in a sleek concertina style, bifold doors come in a standard height of either 82.28 inches (6.856ft) or 82.67 inches (6.889ft). This is only slightly taller than an internal door.

However, if you require taller bifold doors, they can be manufactured bespoke to fit larger apertures.

Standard width for bifold doors

The standard width of an individual bifold door panel is around 35.4 inches (2.95ft). However, the overall standard size for external bifold doors varies depending on the size of the aperture and the door panel configuration:

  • 2-panel bifold doors are about 70.8 inches (5.9ft) wide
  • 3-panel bifold doors are about 106.3 inches (8.858ft) wide
  • 6-panel bifold doors about 189 inches (15.75ft) wide

However, because of a mechanical joint, aluminium bi-folding doors can be built up to 246 inches (20.5ft) wide and individual door panels up to 47.24 inches (3.937ft) wide. These doors are usually reserved for commercial purposes, but if you require bifold doors of this size, we can help.

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rosewood timber sliding door

Standard height for sliding patio doors

Smoothly sliding to one side to open the home, the standard height for sliding patio doors and other external sliding door types is around 81.6 inches (6.8ft). However, they can also be built to shorter and taller proportions to suit individual project requirements.

Standard width for sliding patio doors

The standard width for sliding patio doors is around 39.37 inches (3.28ft) for each panel. However, their overall standard width varies in accordance with the number of panels they are fitted with:

  • 2-panel sliding doors are around 78.74 inches (6.56ft) wide
  • 3-panel sliding doors are around 118.11 inches (9.84ft) in width
  • 4-panel sliding doors are around 157.48 inches (13.12ft) wide

Sliding doors are also exceptionally versatile, meaning they’re ideal if you require something a bit larger or smaller; 2-panel doors can be built as small as 46.44 inches (3.87ft) and as big as 118 inches (9.83ft) wide; 4-panel doors can be built up to 189 inches (15.75ft) in width too.

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Now that you’ve learnt about standard UK door sizes, why not learn about standard UK window sizes too?

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