How secure are sliding patio doors?

30th Aug 2019
aluminium white sliding patio doors

Every homeowner just wants to sleep well at night, knowing that their family is safe and protected. Imagine your home right now – how secure are your doors and windows?

These are often considered vulnerabilities that would-be intruders often scope out when looking to gain entry into a home. Making sure you opt for secure products is paramount when looking to get replacement doors and windows. Aluminium sliding doors have long been a favourite with homeowners throughout Surrey, but how safe are they?

How secure are aluminium sliding doors?

aluminium sliding doorsAluminium is a strong and robust material by nature. We fit our aluminium sliding doors with a high-tech multi-point locking system to give you and your family peace of mind. The locking system is paired with anti-lift blocks and anti-jacking technology to make them almost impossible to remove from the tracks.

We feature toughened glass in our aluminium sliding doors renders them impervious to break-ins by smashing the glass. The doors have received PAS 24 accreditation, meaning they exceed the British standard for security.

What are the other benefits of aluminium sliding doors?

  • Grey aluminium sliding doorsAluminium is a lightweight material. Combining it with high-quality rollers allows you to move large and heavy panes of glass effortlessly.
  • Their slim sightlines allow you to fully appreciate the uninterrupted view of your outside space.
  • The doors brighten up your home, giving you the feeling of increased living space.
  • Make draughts a thing of the past and increase your home’s energy efficiency thanks to the high-performance gaskets. These provide a flawless seal and protection from the British elements.
  • The doors are made to your exact requirements and personal taste. Adjust the configuration by selecting inline sliding or lift and slide variations, with up to 4 panels.
  • Choose from a variety of colours, smooth and textured finishes and a range of handles and accessories to reflect your personality and complement your home’s character.

Are inline aluminium sliding patio doors more secure than lift & slide?

Inline and lift & slide aluminium doors will provide the same level of security for your home when the doors are closed. The only real difference between them is that lift & slide doors can be opened to your desired position and then secured into place by turning the handle 180°, which lowers the doors off their rollers.

Glide aluminium patio doors

Ultra-secure doors and windows throughout Surrey

We at Sheerwater Glass take security very seriously. Every item in our range of windows, doors and conservatories are expertly crafted with security features to allow you to sleep peacefully at night. The products are also designed to look great while doing it, with a plethora of customisable finishes to ensure it matches your home perfectly.

Pop into our showroom in Woking to see a selection of our products for yourself. Alternatively, give us a call on 01932 344 415 or contact us online for more information.

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