The 4 biggest risks to home security and how to resolve them during National Security Month

October is National Security Month, an initiative designed to raise awareness around the importance of home security, something that many of us overlook. So, with this in mind, we thought we would take a look at some of the biggest risks to the security of your home and what you can do to resolve them.

1. Old front doors

An old front door is one of the biggest risks to home security; an incredible 74% of burglars make their way into the home via the front door, highlighting the urgent need for them to be as secure as possible.


Whilst investing in new locks or a security chain can improve security, we recommend that front doors which are especially aged by replaced as soon as possible.Composite front door in red

2. No proper burglar alarm or security system

It is estimated that almost ¾ of homes in the UK have no security alarm, which is pretty ‘alarming’ to say the least. Burglar alarms can be a good way to deter potential burglars, and if you have home insurance, they can even reduce your premium.


A handy guide for buying a burglar alarm is available on Which?. We suggest having a read through this and finding an alarm system that suits your needs and budget.

3. Leaving valuable items in view

Mobile phone book & glasses
Leaving your valuable items in view is like giving a burglar an invitation into your home, yet in a survey by Laptops Direct, 48% of the people asked admitted to having done it.


Put laptops, mobile phones, and any other valuable devices out of sight. Investing in curtain nets for your downstairs windows can also stop prying eyes from seeing in.

4. Insecure windows

As is the case with old entrance doors, windows that are not secured properly pose a major risk. Older considerably deteriorated windows and single glazing are most at risk. This is because smashing a single pane of glass to force entry can be done relatively easily with the right tools.


Replace any old or single glazed windows. It’s worth mentioning that replacing single glazing with double will also significant thermal benefits for your home too. We have a wide range of window styles, available in uPVC, aluminium, timber, or wood effect, so it shouldn’t be particularly difficult to find suitable replacements for your home.

Secondary glazing is a great way to enhance security for windows in conservation areas too.Secondary glazing

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