What front door problems can be repaired easily?

30th Nov 2020
Front composite door

A faulty front door is a nuisance at best and a huge security risk at worst. So, whatever issue your suffering from, it is better to sort it out sooner rather than later. In most cases, you will not need to replace the door either because there are plenty of front door problems that are easily fixed. So, for anyone who has been searching for ‘door repair near me’, we thought we would take a closer look at some of them.

Broken door handles

Door handle close upWhen it comes to uPVC door repairs, one of the most common issues is a broken door handle. A broken handle can make entering or exiting the home more difficult. Plus, if it affects the door’s ability to lock, it poses a security risk too. However, this is something that any repair expert, such as us, can take care of for you.

Door not latching properly/misaligning door locks

If your front door is failing to latch properly, chances are this is because the strike plate is misaligned. Over time, parts on your front door are likely to have loosened, causing the latch and strike plate to come out of alignment.

Worn out weather stripping

Where the weather stripping has worn out, chances are there will be draughts. The issue with draughts is that they let cold air in and warm air out, which means colder homes and more strain on your radiators. However, new weatherstripping is an easy repair and can lead to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Front door getting stuck in the top corner of the jamb

This is caused by the door pulling down at an angle from the top corner, and changes in temperature can cause the front door to get stuck as it contracts and expands. This is a common issue with timber doors, although it’s one of the most common uPVC door repairs too.

The door will not close

Many people search for ‘uPVC door repairs near me’ because their door will not close properly. A major culprit for draughts and subsequent heat loss, this is an indication that the door is not sitting squarely in its frame. However, we successfully tackle this issue all the time.

Damaged or faulty locks

door lock with silver keyWhether the problem is a faulty uPVC door lock, mortice, or Yale lock, a broken front door lock is a nuisance. But, fortunately, they can often be repaired. If they can’t be, we can replace the locks, saving you from buying a completely new front door.

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