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If you’re a Surrey or Guildford business and you’re in the process of bringing your staff back to work, you should really consider our glass office partitioning. Their safety benefits should be your most important consideration during current circumstances. However, it has other great uses too, which we have outlined in this blog…

Ensuring work can be carried out safely

As an employer, creating a safe working environment should be your highest priority right now. Not only is it essential to reduce the spread of coronavirus where possible but it’s also important for staff to feel completely comfortable when returning to work. With our glass office walls, we can divide individual working spaces, creating physical barriers between members of staff. This helps to ensure they remain a safe distance from one another and protect them against sneezes and coughs, which can easily transmit disease.

Reorganise your office space and brighten it up

Glass Partition

For those who are unhappy with the current layout of your office, glass partitioning is also a great way to re-organise it. Whilst reorganising the office, you can also do so in a way that is sympathetic to natural light, which due to the transparency of glass, you’ll never have to worry about losing. Ensuring the workspace is well lit is also good for employee morale, which is very important under the current health climate.

If you later become dissatisfied with your office layout, modular glass walls can be repositioned too. So, you can continue to alter your work environment as you see fit.

Built to last with the minimum of hassle

We strictly use the best quality materials for our glass office walls, ensuring they can last years and years. The glass we use is also toughened to ensure any partitions are built to withstand considerable impact and will not break, preventing potential injuries. The glass is very low maintenance too, meaning it’ll be easy to keep your new workspace looking clean and tidy.

We can build complete glass offices

Glass Partitions Esher

If you’d like to create a glass office for yourself or for a member on your team, we can do this too. Creating a new glass office not only ensures that members of staff can keep a safe distance apart, but it can give your office a more luxurious feel. We also offer a selection of stunning door options, so you can transition to and from your new office in several ways.

Turn your Surrey or Guildford workplace into a safe space with our glass office partitioning

If you’re interested in creating a safe working environment with the help of Sheerwater Glass, give us a call on 01932 344 415 or contact us online.

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