Why a Kitchen Skylight is a Bright Idea

Kitchen Skylights: Guide to Roof light Styles and Design Ideas

Want more natural light in the entire kitchen?

Think beyond the windows… a kitchen skylight is the solution.

A skylight (roof lights, roof lanterns or solar tube) is always an incredible addition to residential and commercial buildings for aesthetics and letting in more natural light.

But the kitchen ceiling is often overlooked during décor and remodelling. This part of the house is filled with smoke, heat, and food odour. A transparent openable glass window on the rooftop serves multiple purposes beyond visual appeal and brightness.

A venting model creates a open space and the much-needed passage for the hot air to escape outside. Let the windows bring in a cool, fresh breeze from the garden when cooking. It is an investment and a boon of health for the entire family.

In this article, I will give you all the information and design ideas (from various accomplished projects) for installing high quality kitchen skylights. This may help you get a bespoke profile based on your needs.

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Let the Light Shine In: Why a Kitchen Skylight is a Bright Idea

Roof lights are creative additions widening the scope for endless customisation options, addressing specific requirements and preferences of homeowners. The best part, there are design options for different architectural patterns- vintage, classic, contemporary, etc.

Weather you’re having or have a flat roof kitchen extension or pitched roof, adding skylights to open up and allow direct light into your interior spaces, be it kitchen or sunroom, more light always helps a home!

Here is a quick synopsis of the potential benefits and downsides of having a skylight in the kitchen to evaluate if it is worth the investment.

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Benefits of Kitchen Skylights

Healthy Indoor Living

Those who spend hours in the kitchen have less time to go outdoors. Exposure to sunlight in the kitchen lifts the mood to keep you happy, energetic, and active. Spending time in sunlight is an essential source of vitamin D for strong bones, muscles, and metabolism.

Smart Energy-Efficient Homes

A skylight is a solution to save on energy bills in many ways. Upgrading to a double-glazing skylight can save up to 60% on energy costs on heating systems in winter. It brings in plenty of light besides the windows to eliminate the need for LED lights during the day.

Improve Kitchen Brightness and Ventilation

A skylight means an illuminated kitchen interior without electrical lighting in the daytime. An openable unit offers a passage for heat and smoke. This works with the windows to bring in a cool breeze indoors.

kitchen skylight

Increase Property Resale Value

A skylight makes a kitchen functional besides the groovy factor. The stunning ceiling profile with technological features can raise interest in buyers. If you want to sell the property, a skylight is worth the investment to upscale the prices.

Enjoy lovely Natural Views

Apart from being an ornate ceiling item, the skylight bestows a magnified look on compact spaces. Kitchens with a skylight seem spacious and gorgeous allowing extra light to enter. It is great to get views of prolific outdoor foliage with a serene blue backdrop. At night, gazing at the celestial beauty of a star-lit sky is a divine pleasure for the inmates.

Downsides of Installing Roof lights in Kitchen

For years, aspiring buyers have raised concerns over leaky openings, condensation, and UV damage when installing a skylight.

This is where a professional skylight fitter takes centre stage. Leaking may result due to poor product quality or faulty fixing. We recommend hiring a local roof light installer for the job.

UV radiation, fading, and furniture damage were the concerns with traditional single-glazed skylights. All thanks to the cutting-edge low-emissivity (Low-E) double glazing glasses that resist UV and IR rays while allowing the sunlight to brighten the rooms. You can build energy efficient home without allowing harmful rays to pass through.

glass conservatory roof Kitchen Skylight

Condensation and water dripping can be an issue with mismanaged skylights. There are several care measures to deal with this problem:

Run the exhaust fan to oust the hot and humid air during cooking.

Open the windows and skylight vents to allow air circulation and prevent moisture clogging inside the kitchen. Operable models can allow humid air to pass through the open vents.

Install an insulated system and seal the crevices (if any) with silicone caulk.

Keep the skylight clean and check the condition of the weather-stripping material. Dry leaves and debris on the outer surface trigger the water to deposit near the frames and cause water to seep.

Skylight Types and Styles for Kitchen

There are various goals in mind when installing a metal-beamed glass ceiling in the kitchen. While some homeowners prefer a fixed structure for vibes, others consider ventilation and lighting when choosing the style.

Delve in to look at the different types of kitchen roof lights you can install:

#1. Fixed

There are two options when choosing a fixed glass configuration for rooflines. You can install a single-panel flat skylight (best for compact spaces) or an expansive pyramid roof lantern to bring in an extra layer of natural light. Non-opening flat skylight is an option if you are looking for an energy-efficient model for brightness on a budget.

#2. Operable/Venting/Retractable/Opening/Roof Windows

A venting skylight is the best integration to keep your home cool on a hot sunny day. No need to open or close the roof window manually. The retractable profile operates on a precision-engineered motor to open/close the panels with a remote control. Luxurious models also feature a moisture sensor that triggers automatic unit closure during rainfall. Opening roof windows can be installed on flat and sloping roofs.

white aluminium roof lanterns - Kitchen Skylight

#3. Sloping/Pitched

This layout seamlessly blends with slanted roofs (15°-90°) in modern homes. The frameless appearance from the inside makes the kitchen look bigger and brighter. You may choose to keep it fixed or a retractable mechanism for airflow.

#4. Tubular/Sun Tunnel

A tubular skylight brings sunlight from the roof to the dark premises for natural luminescence. It is made of a highly reflective glass dome (placed on the rooftop) and a polished aluminium cylindrical tube to reflect the light into the room. This is the most low-cost (approx. £725 per tubular skylight) installation to bring solar lights to kitchen areas in traditional homes.

#5. Solar-Powered/Solar Roof Windows

These innovative roof windows with integrated solar panels capture sunrays to produce energy for opening/closure, regulating rain sensors, etc. It helps buyers evade expenses on electrical wiring and energy consumption for door operation.

Skylight Additions and Accessories

Skylights can be an integral part of your smart home project. Modern models with advanced technology do more than operate the panels.

Automated Thermostat and Rain Sensors

Skylights can be integrated with separate or combined thermostats and rain sensors. A thermostat sensor is a unique solution to regulate indoor air quality. It monitors the CO2, temperature, and humidity in the kitchen. It automatically opens the panels upon detecting high levels of heat and gas concentrates.

A rain sensor is a system to track moisture contact during a shower. When a sudden rainfall occurs, the sensor triggers the panels to close tightly to prevent leaking.

close up aluminium roof lantern and Kitchen Skylight

Shades and Blinds

Shades and blinds serve multiple purposes- block sunlight to keep the rooms cool in summer, prevent glare, and give you much-needed privacy. Remote-operated shades and blinds can be integrated with thermostat sensors. This brings the covers down when the indoor temperature surges and vice versa.

Fly Screens

Fine mesh insect screens can block the entry of bugs and insects through operable roof windows. The net can be cut into desired dimensions and fixed/removed using strong Velcro strips.

5 Before and After: Kitchenette Rooflines Transformed with Skylights

The best way to understand how a skylight can glamourise the kitchen interiors is to check the skylight portfolios of reputed builders. Here is a demonstration of kitchen renovation projects where a rooflight entirely refined the look and feel of the expanse.

1. Slanted Rooflights Bring Natural Light into Gloomy Kitchen

Resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGCoQQckiO4

Jess McGurn, an interior design blogger at Bright Green Door, shared her experience when installing a skylight in this video. The black kitchen interiors in her 50-ranch home looked dark and uninviting. A massive fixed skylight ensued uniform light distribution.

2. Skylight Enhanced Luminosity in All-White Kitchen

Resource: https://www.papernstitchblog.com/skylights/

Brittni Mehlhoff, the founder of Paper and Stitch, installed 10 skylights in her home in southern California. The rectangular venting skylight in the kitchen made all the difference in brightening the space with natural lights throughout the day. She recommends using remote-operated blinds during summer to prevent overheating.

velux on home extension Kitchen Skylight

3. Two Fixed Skylights Paired with White Paint for Spacious Look

Resource: https://www.bhg.com/kitchen/remodeling/makeover/before-and-after-kitchens/

Natural wood theme and cabinetry partition blocked airflow and light in this area. The kitchen got an exquisite look and feel after the all-white look paired with 2 skylights and a modish island seating arrangement.

4. The Clumsy Wooden Ceiling Gets a Refreshed Feel with Two Slanted Skylights

Resource: https://whyskylights.com/velux-skylights-blog/5-kitchens-before-and-after-installing-skylights

The wood-beam sloping ceiling in this country cottage had a dismal look. Despite the polished chunky wooden finish, the 2 operable roof windows introduced fresh air and a glam ambience.

5. Side-by-Side Retractable Rooflights for Improved Ventilation and Brightness

Resource: https://www.velux.com.au/get-inspired/before%20and%20after

This large kitchen did not receive sufficient natural light through the small windows. The problem was resolved after installing 3 retractable glass panels on the sloping rooftop.

Kitchen Skylight Ideas for Every Budget

Skylight and Window Alignment

Resource: https://www.thekitchn.com/a-big-glorious-skylight-in-the-kitchen-kitchen-inspiration-199653

Aligning the window lines with the skylight is a splendid idea if you have indoor plants in the kitchen. It ensures that the crops get maximum sun exposure.

lantern roof extension Kitchen Skylight

Light and Airflow in an Underground Extension Kitchen

Resource: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/491807221819527143/

There is no suitable position for installing windows in this basement kitchen. The slanting glass rooflight is an incredible symmetrical aperture for airflow and sunlight. You may consider a similar design for basement structures in traditional homes.

Prismatic Roof Lantern Brightens up Dining Space in the Kitchen

Resource: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/1266706134025585/

The floor-to-ceiling grided window and the sizeable roof lantern offer majestic views of the garden and skyline. Get the feel and pleasure of living under the stars where alfresco dining is not an option.

Round Skylight with Tinted Glass is all About Luxurious Vibes and Privacy

Resource: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/560627853628578503/

While the kitchen is adorned with twin-panelled clear glasses for optimal brightness, the dining area has a round painted glass ceiling allowing partial lighting for colour effect. This pattern can also complement a cylindrical island.

Extended Sliding Skylight

Resource: https://plusrooms.co.uk/projects/overhill-rd-se22/

The expansive pitched skylight is tactfully integrated to spread light beyond the kitchen, reaching the adjacent dining space and cupboards. It has replaced the windows to make room for furniture and belongings in a small modern home.

Kitchen Skylight FAQs

Do skylights make a room hot?

A roof lantern allows sunlight into the rooms throughout the day, making them hot. Modern units comprise double-glazed panels for maximum heating and insulation to warm up the rooms in winter.

However, this should not be a concern for homeowners. A skylight also facilitates cooling in summer. The hot air rises upwards so it can easily pass through the vented openings in the ceiling rather than the windows. An operable unit can lower the room temperature by 10 degrees than the ambient temperature at night. Automated blinds can prevent glare and heating during the daytime.

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