Looking for ‘window companies near me’? You MUST go local

Have you been looking for windows companies in your local area? Good idea. Keeping it in the community is always better than hiring a national installer and here’s why:

Better knowledge of the local area

Local windows companies will not only know the types of property that are in your area but they will have worked on them extensively. This means they’re much more likely to know which products are best suited to them. Plus, the longer a local company has been operating, the more experience they’ll have with the different types of property in the area. Take us at Sheerwater Glass, for example, we’ve been working on homes in Surrey and the surrounding areas since 1972. Whether it's new windows, doors, conservatories or stunning roof lanterns, local companies will know what suits your property best.

Talk of the town

Slimline doors Surrey A local trader will have built up a reputation, good or bad, amongst residents living in the town. This means that a family member, friend, or friend of a friend, is likely to have had work performed by them. Therefore, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to learn whether it’s worth hiring their services or not. Local windows companies are also much more reliant on local word of mouth so it’s in their own best interest to perform any jobs to the best standard they can.

Kinship with the local community

National installers have no ties to the local area so they’ve no reason to take as much pride in it as a local company. Local window installers, on the other hand, are more likely to feel a kinship with inhabitants and will, therefore, want to do a better job for them. We can only speak for ourselves when we say this, but we take immense pride in the work we’ve performed on homes throughout our local area over the years. We always aim to install our products to the highest standard and undertake working practices that consider the needs of our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility is a business model where a company aims to be more accountable to itself, stakeholders and, most importantly, the public. Companies who operate under this model will consider the economic, social and environmental impact they are having upon society. This drives businesses to take steps to ensure the impact they are having is an overwhelmingly positive one.

However, why would a national company with absolutely no ties to the local area be overly concerned about their impact upon that community? Local traders, on the other hand, are much more likely to consider the effect they are having on the community around them, simply because they are a part of that community.

It has a positive knock-on effect within your community

In addition to the individual benefits of sticking with windows companies in your area, you’ll also be helping the local economy and creating local jobs. This is because any money you give them is likely to be reinvested in other local businesses. The result of this is that more money will be circulating in the area, helping it to develop.

Local businesses are also the UK’s biggest employer, despite the fact that they pay higher wages on average than large commercial businesses. So by helping them, you’re increasing the amount of better-paid work in your area, which helps to create a better place for people to live and work.

If you live in Surrey and are looking for a local window installer, look no further than Sheerwater Glass. We have over 50 years’ experience installing windows and have an excellent reputation locally. For more information, please feel free to get in touch or browse our website.

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