Meet the Team: A Christmas Special!

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A Day in the Life of the Sheerwater Glass Team at Christmas!

For our special edition of our 'Meet the Team' blog this month, we bombarded our team with some Christmassy questions to find out how they usually spend their Christmas Day.

Check out our questions and the answers from our team below!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

There was a very common answer to this question from the team, which, in all honesty, is what Christmas is all about.

Gordon, Claire, Judit, Eva, Elaine, Phil and George all answered with "spending time with my family".

Mark said, "watching my children's faces as they're opening their presents." Beth similarly said, "the children's excited faces as they rush downstairs to see if Santa has been!" Whilst Stuart was the lone wolf by saying "decorating our xmas tree!"

Even though George did say family time, that came after his initial answer, "food"!

How do you like to spend Christmas Day?

Well, this question really showed us what our team will be doing at Christmas - eating, drinking and more eating!

Alongside eating; Phil will start the day with a bacon sarnie and a glass of champers, Stuart will be playing games, Claire and Judit will be relaxing, Eva will be in Hungary with the family and Claire will be feeding her horses with Christmas carrots!

Any tips to help customers keep their windows in the best condition this winter? (or other winter home care tips?)

Ok, ok, this isn't much of a Christmas question but you want to see outside if the white stuff arrives on Christmas day, right?

Let's see what our team had to say:

Gordon: "lubricate locks, hinges and any other moving parts."

Stuart: "keep them all closed!" - a fair tip from Stuart there!

Judit: "don't open them!" - equally helpful!

Claire: "allow a little ventilation into the room by putting the windows onto night vent."

Mark: "condensation on the OUTSIDE of windows is normal at this time of year:" Although it would be impressive, Mark didn't recite the URL in his answer, but he did say that the blog is very useful.

Eva: "grease moving parts."

Phil: "keep warm but keep your house ventilated!"

Favourite Christmas film?

A hot topic in the office, but there was a clear winner!

Home Alone - voted for by Gordon, Mark, Eva and George.

Other notable mentions were It's a Wonderful Life from Stuart, the Strictly Christmas Special from Claire, Love Actually; The Holiday and Arthur Christmas from Beth, Bridget Jones from Elaine, and The Royal Family from Phil.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

"Anything sparkly," was one of the answers here. No, it wasn't Gordon or Mark who requested sparkly presents this year, it was Elaine!

Gordon's hoping for a new pair of shoes.

Stuart wants a new jumper or shirt.

Claire's after a digital camera.

Judit is hoping to unwrap her favourite perfume.

Mark wants a new coat.

Eva is just happy to be back at home with her parents.

Beth said "it's all about the children this year!"

Phil, like Mark, is after a jacket.

George wants a beard trimmer.

The Sheerwater Glass team certainly deserve a rest after all their hard work over the past year. We thank you and hope that you all enjoy your time with your family and get those gifts you're hoping for!

Merry Christmas!

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