Should I repair or replace my broken window?

3rd Aug 2020
Replacement sealed unit repair

Though a simple broken window might not seem like much of an issue at first, if left for too long it can eventually be quite costly for your home. Be it a broken hinge, an unreliable lock or fogged up glazing, it’s always worth getting it fixed or replaced. Especially if you find that security is compromised or precious heat is leaking out.

Often homeowners ask us: “should I repair or replace my broken window?”. It’s a fair question, and one we thought best to advise you on in an official blog.

Window repair – benefits

We at Sheerwater differ from a lot of other local home improvement companies in that we don’t just replace windows but repair them too. Others seem all too happy to simply exchange an existing set of frames for a fresh pair, while we like to offer homeowners a choice. As a rule: a repair won’t see you enjoy long-term benefits, but it’s a solid choice to restore a window to its previous state.

Whether a window repair would be better than a replacement also depends on the fault, to a certain extent. But if it’s largely something aesthetic, like a damaged handle, sticking frame or faulty lock, fixing operational features like this is often less costly. Choosing the best route is unfortunately less cut and dry when the window fault is with its glazing.

Benefits to window repairs include:

  • Cheaper than a window replacement
  • Great for functional/operational issues
  • Sometimes preferred for period window styles

Window replacement – benefits

Opting for a full window replacement over a repair is ideal for homeowners that want to see real, long-term benefits in their household. Because while repairing an existing frame’s glazing and accessories will re-establish the level of quality you had before, a full window replacement can drastically affect your home’s energy efficiency, security, and noise reduction.

Take the Slimline style windows we at Sheerwater specialise in. These ultra-thin uPVC beauties mix the performance of standard casement windows with a design that is both sleek, attractive, and technically impressive. As such, if your window’s glazing or sealed units are failing or frames are beginning to decay, a replacement is always worthwhile.Slimline vs casement

Benefits to window repairs include:

  • Leads to more long-term benefits
  • The best option to resolve glazing issues
  • A chance to totally overhaul your home’s curb appeal

So should I repair or replace my broken window? Get in touch with us at Sheerwater Glass

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