Our Roundup of Window and Door Trends in 2018

1st Jan 2019
2018 round up header image

As with every year in this industry, there are certain trends that jump out to us. 2018 was no different. There was a clear increase in a particular product of ours and a high demand for certain finishes and materials across the board.

We decided to speak to members of our team to see what trends they noticed over the year with our customers.

The most popular products.

There was a clear winner here amongst the team. Our exclusive uPVC Slimline windows were a big hit with our customers, whilst our composite front entrance doors rivalled them for the product popularity top spot.

Our classic doors are still as popular as ever, but the more modern alternatives of aluminium, bi-fold, french and wooden interior doors are snapping at their heels.

The top three colour choices.

Coloured windows and doors as products grew in popularity over the year.

The top selling colours for windows were white, Rosewood and Anthracite. For doors it was a similar story, with white being the favourite, alongside Anthracite and dark blue.

As you can see, white is still very much the favourite when it comes to choosing a standard colour. We find that when a customer is looking to change it up a little and experiment, they usually go for a darker colour, with the chalky and earthy Anthracite grey.

Anthracite in particular has grown in popularity the past year.

A product trend from 2018 going into 2019.

Alongside the growing popularity of coloured frames, the bi-folding door was another product that was favoured by many of our clients.

Boasting a slim sight line, smooth operation, brilliant thermal performance and excellent security, there’s no wonder that the bi-fold is popular in domestic homes and commercial premises.

With a range of opening configurations and design options, you will have complete freedom with a bi-fold.