Sheerwater Glass’ First Fitted Masterdor Entrance Door

25th Jan 2018
Masterdor front door

The team has installed its first Masterdor front door!

The team were very excited to be presented with the opportunity to install its first Masterdor door. It’s a great product which boasts precision engineering, high security and a range of styles.

We’re always looking to offer the latest and greatest products here at Sheerwater Glass, and the latest addition to our range of quality entrance doors is our range of Masterdors.

What is Masterdor?

Masterdor is one of the largest manufacturers of bespoke doors in the UK. Part of the Synseal Group, its two main Masterdor and Suredor door-sets are pre-finished and come with quality hardware and glazing options. The door is supplied as a ready to install unit, making it a quick and effective solution for our customers.

The main benefits of a Masterdor

All Masterdors are:

  • An effective barrier against the weather and intruders.
  • Easy to maintain and repair.
  • Made to measure.
  • Offers an array of custom designs.
  • Constructed to adhere to the highest standards, including the ISO9001:2008 compliance.

There’s a Masterdor to suit any character

Masterdor offer an array of styles, which makes it easy for our customers looking for a door to fit their home’s character. Traditional or contemporary, there’s a Masterdor door for you!

Our first Masterdor

The first Masterdor entrance door we installed has a lovely deep blue exterior and smart white backing. Its hardware included a polished chrome Slimline Victorian Urn door knocker, a polished chrome door handle, a pro-style polished chrome letterbox and a stylish faded satin glaze top light.

We and the client were really pleased with the end result – it offers a clean, contemporary finish to their home.