Summer Security Tips for Your Home

11th Jun 2018
Patio Doors

We’re used to the typical British weather, but what we’re not used to is heat waves. We’ve already seen some warm temperatures this year, which leads to exposed homes.

With the need for cool air to travel through our homes day and night, many of us are leaving our windows open on those incredibly hot days. Others are leaving front doors, conservatories and garages open too.

Leaving windows open may be effective in allowing cool air to filtrate our homes, but it also encourages unwanted attention from burglars. It may be tempting to leave windows and doors open or unlocked, but you should be aware of the risks and should explore your options in securing your home.

Our top tips for keeping your home safe this summer:

Ensure all locks on your windows and doors work

Many of you will have checked that your locks are working. If you haven’t, then do so as soon as you’re home. If you’re at home right now, then what are you waiting for?

You may have home insurance, but if your window and door locks are insufficient, it can affect your claim should the worse happen.

The windows and doors we install here at Sheerwater Glass are rigorously tested to exceed the British Security Standards. Glass panels are beaded inside to prevent the removal of frames, whilst our doors possess the innovative technology to stop lock picking and forced entry. It’s pivotal that you work with an experienced window and door installer.

Assess the quality of your locking mechanisms for windows

Your window’s handle should not be your window’s sole locking system. Every locking system should be in the window’s framework, whilst the handle is used to engage locking.

Be vigilant

It’s fundamental that you install secure windows and doors in the first place, but vigilance is key at this time of the year.

Vigilant steps include:

  •      Shutting and locking all windows and doors when you’re the last person leaving the property. Even if you’re just popping out to the shop!
  •      Ensuring all valuable items are kept out of sight.
  •      Not leaving small windows open – no matter how small they may be.
  •      Leaving your keys somewhere safe – not next to a window, door or in full view.
  •      Fitting outside security lighting.
  •      Potentially giving your garden a makeover – lay some shingle in your front and back garden. Burglars don’t want to create noise.

Consider other security precautions

There are many additional security precautions on the market. One of which has already been mentioned – outdoor lighting. It can deter burglars immediately.

If you do want to keep your windows open to circulate air around your home, then you may want to consider fitting window restrictors. This will mean they’re open, but not enough that someone can access your home.

You could consider night vent locking too. This means your window can be partially open but still locked via the handle. A window using night vent locking can remain open approximately one inch.

Other security products include smart door locks, home alarms, CCTV and in-door cameras.

Planning a holiday?

If you’re planning to go on holiday, our points above are imperative.

There are other points to consider too:

  •      Make sure the house looks occupied – having lights or TVs set to a timer is great for this.
  •      Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on the house. Any post that comes, make sure they remove it so it doesn’t pile up.
  •      Secure your valuables in a safe. If you don’t own a safe, then you could leave them at another family’s or friend’s safe.
  •      Do not advertise your holiday on social networking sites.

These are just a few of our key points to securing your home this summer. Following this advice will help you to remain safe over the summer.