The Art of Choosing Composite Front Door Colours

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Hi, fellow homeowners! Ever stood in front of your house and thought, “You know what? My front door could use a facelift”?

Well, you’re not alone. Choosing the right front door colour really can help you achieve your dream door!
So let’s chat about something that might seem small but can make a huge difference - composite front door colours.

Anthracite Grey Composite Front Door Sheerwater Glass

Why Fuss Over Frame Colours?

Picture this: You’re walking down your street, and suddenly a house catches your eye. Chances are, it’s because of a stunning front door.
That’s the power of choosing the right frame colour for your composite door.

Composite front doors not only offer a wide range of options but also provide real benefits like thermal efficiency and enhanced security.
It’s not just about picking a pretty shade; it’s about creating that perfect first impression.

Matte Agate Grey Composite Front Door

Hallmark Composite Doors: Your Colour Playground

A new entrance door can significantly improve your home.
The Hallmark folks know their stuff when it comes to composite doors and boy, do they have options! They’re not just selling doors; they’re offering you a chance to express yourself. Let’s break down what they’ve got:

Foiled Frames: Texture Meets Style

Foiled frames are like the cool kids of the door world, offering a low maintenance, textured look that screams “touch me!” (but maybe don’t, because, you know, boundaries). Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Smooth White: Clean and crisp, it’s like the white t-shirt of doors - goes with everything.
  • Grained White: A bit of texture for those who like their white with a side of sophistication.
  • Anthracite Grey: For when you want your door to say, “I’m modern, but I still recycle.”
  • Rosewood and Golden Oak: Perfect for those “I wish I lived in a cottage” vibes.
  • Beckbrown: When you want your door to look like it drinks espresso, not coffee.
  • Cream: The Switzerland of colours - neutral, but everyone likes it.

Sprayed Colours: Paint Your Heart Out

If foiled frames aren’t your jam, how about sprayed colours? It’s like giving your door a custom paint job:

  • Black: For those “I’m mysterious and probably have a cool job” looks.
  • Blue: Because sometimes you just want your door to match the sky.
  • Green: For when you want your house to blend in with your immaculate lawn.
  • Red: Perfect for saying “Welcome!” or “I’m really into feng shui.”
  • Chartwell Green: It’s like your door took a holiday in the British countryside and never came back.
  • Duck Egg Blue: Offering a serene and stylish option for a personalised look
  • Or any RAL or BS Colour: For when you’re feeling really picky (and that’s okay!).
  • Mix and Match: Because Why Not?

Here’s the cool part - Hallmark Doors lets you play mix-and-match. Different colour inside and out? Sure! Want your frame to contrast with your door? Go for it! It’s like playing dress-up, but for your house.

Composite Front Door Henderson Blue copy

But Wait, There's More!

Hallmark doesn’t stop at just doors. They offer a comprehensive range of front door furniture, such as door handles, spy holes, and letter plates.
They’ve got all sorts of matching bits and bobs:

  • Side lights and top lights (for when your door needs accessories)
  • Door cills (because even front doors need a good foundation)
  • Touch-up paint (for those “oops” moments)

Practical Door Furniture to Think About

Before you go colour-crazy, remember that installing a professionally made new door not only enhances the visual appeal with its timber-like look but also offers durability, easy maintenance, and the latest home security technology.

  • Light colours are great for sunny spots (unless you want your door to double as a radiator).
  • Dark colours look slick but might show dust (perfect for neat freaks who love to clean).

Wrapping It Up

Choosing your composite front door colour is like picking an outfit for your house. It’s fun, it’s personal, and yeah, it might take a while to decide.

But now, your front door has got options galore! Plus, our residential doors are weatherproof and energy-efficient, ensuring your home stays comfortable and secure.

So, ready to give your home a mini-makeover? Visit our showroom or our website and start playing with colours. Who knows? Your perfect door might be just a click away!


By Jessica Stevens

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