Timber or Woodgrain uPVC: How do you choose?

Is timber or woodgrain uPVC best?

When customers approach us for a window or front door, they’re rightly focussed on thermal efficiency, security, design and cost.

The difficulty is that both timber and wood effect uPVC are good material options for windows and doors; they provide great energy efficiency, aesthetic quality and protection for your home.

What are wood grain effect uPVC windows?

Woodgrain uPVC windows are a style of windows which are made using uPVC, rather than traditional timber. Unlike modern uPVC window frames which tend to be finished in one smooth colour, woodgrain windows have a beautiful wood effect finish using a high-quality foil coating which doesn't rot, warp or split. They can be tailored in a number of authentic wood effects, such as rosewood, Irish Oak and mahogany. Not only do they have a heritage appearance, but the woodgrain effect window frames have a stunning timber texture to them too, so you won't be able to tell them apart from real wooden windows.

Our uPVC Window Options

How do you choose between timber and woodgrain uPVC windows?

It depends on your expectations for your window and your financial situation. Every customer is different, but by looking at both the pros and cons of timber & uPVC wood effect windows, you can make your own decision on which material and style of window is best for you and your home.

Timber windows

TImber Brick Weybridge


Their biggest appeal is their aesthetically pleasing finish. Since every piece of wood is different, it means your window will be completely unique.

Wood is also a naturally good heat insulator. Even if you opted for inexpensive glass, it will perform well within a wooden frame.

Timber window frames offer you great flexibility in terms of its appearance. Once installed, you can change its overall look and ensure it is protected against the elements. Typically, a coat of wax will help protect the wood and give it a shiny look whilst paint can completely transform its appearance.


Timber’s striking finish comes at a price. Wooden windows are more expensive than uPVC; sometimes costing triple the amount of uPVC.

Wooden windows also require more frequent maintenance than uPVC to both retain their stunning finish and perform adequately.

To counteract these cons, timber windows help boost the value of any property and typically last much longer than uPVC. Should they be well-maintained.

uPVC Woodgrain windows 

close up of woodgrain window



uPVC is an inexpensive plastic which provides excellent insulation and demands little care and attention. Because of this, it means that you will pay much less for uPVC woodgrain windows and they will not require frequent maintenance.

The coating won't fade, rot or absorb moisture which are common problems with real timber windows. They also don't need any wood protection to be applied, so you can enjoy your new windows that look like wood without having to worry about any major upkeep to ensure that they look like new.

Our uPVC timber alternative windows look and feel like real timber. One of the main reasons for customers opting for timber is because of its finish. But what our uPVC woodgrain/timber alternative windows achieve is a realistic wood effect and provides you the traditional character of timber.

It’s a practical replacement window choice because it’s easy to maintain and simple to clean.


Woodgrain uPVC windows do not contribute to the value of your property, unlike timber.

Although woodgrain effect uPVC windows are much cheaper to buy and install than timber, they’re typically a weaker material with a shorter life expectancy. However, modern uPVC benefits from advanced manufacturing techniques nowadays, making them able to last for over 30 years.

Some woodgrain window manufacturers have to construct the plastic frames much thicker than timber frames, which results in more frame than glass.

To counteract these cons, woodgrain uPVC windows may be a weaker option than timber, but they’re still a reliable material for your windows.

Our uPVC Window Options

Interested in uPVC windows that look like wood?

If you would like to discuss your timber and uPVC woodgrain window options with a member of our team, then please call us today on 01932 344 415.

If you’ve decided on the replacement window for you and your home, even better, we’d love to hear from you!

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