VELUX Windows – Everything You Need To Know in 2024

Transforming Your Space with VELUX windows

VELUX windows offer a unique way to let natural daylight into your home. With their distinctive design, these skylights and roof windows can completely transform an interior space.

If you’re looking to renovate to create a brighter, more open atmosphere, VELUX windows need to be seriously considered.

The VELUX Experience: Daylight Difference and Transformation

What sets VELUX apart is their focus on capturing light. Their windows use specialised glass and angled roof frames to optimise the light from above. This showers spaces with natural light, creating eye-catching focal points and an airy ambience.

The visual impact is striking, as muted rooms become brighter with glowing sunshine. They can also promote mental well-being – more exposure to daylight boosts mood and energy levels.

Understanding VELUX Windows: Skylights vs. Roof Windows

Are skylights and roof lights the same? Not quite, VELUX skylights and roof windows do have some distinct differences.

Skylights are essentially fixed windows installed as part of an angled rooftop. The windows let the light in but they don’t open.

VELUX Roof windows feature click open and pull down frames and are installed vertically into a sloped roof. Where the window can be opened for fresh air.

Both offer the signature VELUX experience of giving interiors natural light from angled sides and sloping roofs. It is worthy to note that they should not be installed on a flat roof, unless you and your home want to be showered with water! As they open via a middle pivot just like a see saw effect.

The Value of VELUX: Are They Worth It?

For many homeowners, VELUX windows are absolutely worth the investment. Key benefits include:

– Bright, inviting spaces that feel larger and more open

– Added visual appeal for rooms lacking traditional windows

– Ventilation and fresh air when opened

– Energy savings from reduced artificial lighting needs

Potential drawbacks depend on proper installation and maintenance. Leaks can develop over time if incorrectly fitted or flashed.

Some may find VELUX windows expensive compared to basic skylights. Overall, most homeowners believe the pros of enhanced daylighting outweigh the cons.

Costing VELUX Windows: An Investment in Light

Exact pricing depends on your unique specifications. Costs will start for a basic ready-to-install skylight, and far more for a large custom roof window.

Variables like size, features, glass type and installation complexity affect overall expense.

One way to offset costs is combining VELUX windows with solar shades/blinds. Overall, view these windows as in investment in your home’s ambiance and illumination.

VELUX Skylights and Shades: A Perfect Pair

Complementary solar shades take the VELUX experience one step further. These shades fit perfectly within VELUX window frames, providing glare control and blackout capabilities at the touch of a button.

Adding shades means you can dim or block light when needed while still enjoying access to sunshine. With solar-powered options, the shades raise and lower automatically based on the sun’s position.

Installation and Maintenance of VELUX Windows

While complex projects are best left to professionals, VELUX provides excellent DIY resources. Most units can be self-installed by skilled homeowners.

VELUX also offers a 5-year warranty provided windows are properly installed and registered. Maintain your windows by cleaning the glass a few times per year and checking for any water leaks around the frame. Operable vents should open and close smoothly.

Personalising Your Space with VELUX Windows

One of the joys is personalising them for your needs. Sizes range from compact to massive based on your goals and living space.

Styles like flat glass blend seamlessly into modern architecture, while curved glass makes a distinctive statement.

Use VELUX windows to highlight a staircase, brighten a dark hallway, or create a kitchen focal point. Clerestory windows installed higher on walls filter in gorgeous angled light.

However you utilise them, these windows infuse personality into your rooms. These centre pivot windows can come in a white painted pine as well.

Consultation and Customisation: Your VELUX Project

To maximise a smooth installation, partner with a VELUX approved dealer for professional consultation, such as Sheerwater Glass.

They can look your space to recommend optimal window placements and have a full range of styles. Also they can inform you of any VELUX offers.

Customisation options like special glazing, exterior finish, remotes, accessories and more tailor the windows to your vision. For a preview, request a virtual rendering showing how sunbeams will travel through your new windows. Then bring your designs to life!

Transform Your Home with VELUX Windows

VELUX windows are a dream for homeowners seeking new daylight to their indoor environment. Bring brightness and visual flair to your rooms by installing these ingenious skylights or roof windows.

With expert consultation and customisation, VELUX windows can re-energise your space and outlook. Let the sunshine in with this transformative product line. Your home will never be the same!

But do I need building regs to install a VELUX window?
No, you will be within the permitted development rules, when changing to or installing a new VELUX window.

Can I install my own VELUX window?
You can install one yourself, but it’s best to know what you are doing. Without proper training it could be easy to break parts or install it incorrectly, especially if you are not properly prepared or have the correct tools.

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