What is a window sightline?

15th Dec 2020

The sightline is the term used to describe the amount of window frame that you see when looking directly at the window. Therefore, it is essentially a term which describes how thick the frames are. To help you learn all you need to know about window sightlines, we have taken a closer look at them for this blog.

Is it better to have slim or wide sightlines?

The slimmer the sightlines, the more glass there is on the window. This means more light can come inside the home and views of the outside are less inhibited. Slimmer frames are also considered attractive and resemblant of a contemporary appearance. Our exclusive uPVC slimline windows are one of the best examples of windows with slender sightlines.

However, if you are replacing wider-framed windows and you’re set on like-for-like replacements, windows with wide sightlines will be a better option.

Are equal sightlines on windows important?

Having equal sightlines on windows means that each section of a window is in harmony with the others. This includes the frames, glass panes and glazing bars being in line. Doing this ensures a property looks balanced and in proportion, so ensuring the sightlines on your windows are equal is important.

For leaded glass and Georgian bar windows, symmetry is a key element of the design. It is also very easy to detect if they are even slightly out of line with one another. Therefore, equal sightlines are especially important on these types of window.

slimline leaded glass casement windows in Rosewood

Is it possible to have unequal sightlines?

The main reason why you get unequal sightlines is when windows that open are used with fixed windows, such as transom windows. This is because fixed windows tend to have a larger glass area, resulting in an uneven sightline at the top of the window.

How are equal sightlines created?

It is possible to design a window so that the frames on a fixed window are in line with those on an opening window. One way to do this is by making the fixed window as if it were an opening window and screwing it shut instead of adding a handle or lock. This type of window is called a dummy sash window.

By placing fixed windows above other fixed windows and opening windows above other opening windows is another way to ensure that the vertical sightlines are also equal.

Dummy Sash uPVC Window

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