What’s A Roof Balcony? Our Complete Guide For 2024

Dreaming of an Urban Oasis? Meet the Roof Balcony

Imagine transforming an unused part of your home into a breathtaking retreat where the sky’s the limit—literally. A roof balcony offers a way to do just that, blending indoor comfort and the great outdoors. With the promise of panoramic views, fresh air, and an influx of natural light, roof balconies by VELUX stand out as a pinnacle of home improvement projects, catering to those who want a slice of nature without leaving the comfort of their home.

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The VELUX Roof Balcony – A Blend of Innovation and Elegance

VELUX Roof Balconies and roof windows are a marvel of modern design and functionality, this glazed balcony offers homeowners the unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both a window and a balcony in a single installation.

These units are designed to fit seamlessly into your roof, opening up to create a spacious balcony in seconds, providing panoramic views and fresh air. The combination of top-hinged windows for headroom and bottom sections that unfold into a balcony with side railings ensures easy access to the outdoors while maintaining the looks and structural integrity of your home.

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The Benefits of Installing a VELUX Balcony Window:

Panoramic Views: Enjoy unobstructed views of the sky and natural daylight in your surroundings.

Easy Operation: A user-friendly design allows for effortless transformation from a roof window to a balcony.

ThermoTechnologyTM: Benefit from excellent energy efficiency, insulation, and an airtight seal, thanks to high-performance materials.

Natural Ventilation: A unique top control bar enables fresh, filtered air to enter through the ventilation flap, enhancing indoor air quality without fully opening the balcony.

Simple Maintenance: Features like the rotating sash for cleaning, an easy to clean coating and a washable air filter ensure the longevity and pristine appearance of your balcony window.

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Transforming Spaces, Elevating Lifestyles

The allure of a roof balcony is the ability to redefine your living space. It’s an investment in your home’s value and your quality of life.

VELUX Roof Balconies are tailored to meet diverse needs, offering various sizes and finishes, including the elegant white painted finish that protects against dirt and moisture.

Whether you’re looking to create a serene reading nook, an inspiring workspace, or a vibrant area for social gatherings, a roof balcony provides the perfect backdrop.

Why Homeowners Choose VELUX:

Versatility and Style: With options for different finishes and glazing, VELUX balconies complement any architectural style, from classic to contemporary.

Energy Efficiency: Double or Triple glazed windows minimise cold and block outside noise, ensuring a comfortable and tranquil indoor environment.

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Your Dream Balcony Awaits

Ready to elevate your home with a VELUX Roof Balcony? Start by exploring your options and understanding what suits your space best.

We can easily guide you through the planning and installation process, ensuring that your vision comes to life effortlessly.

From deciding on the right model to choosing finishes that match your home, we make the journey towards owning a roof balcony as seamless as the transition from window to outdoor retreat.

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Step-by-Step to Your Roof Balcony:

  1. Consultation: Book a free consultation with us to explore your options and receive personalised advice.
  2. Design: Choose from a variety of sizes, finishes, and glazing options to match your home’s style and your personal preferences.

3. Installation: We ensure a smooth and efficient installation process, transforming your space with minimal hassle.

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What are the requirements for installing a roof balcony?

How do I choose the right size and finish for my home?

What maintenance do they require?

What are the steps involved in the installation process?

For detailed answers to these questions and more, call us!

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Key Takeaways

– A roof balcony offers unparalleled views, fresh air, and a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.

– VELUX Roof Balconies have cutting-edge features for easy operation, energy efficiency and simple maintenance.

– A personalised range of customisable options that make it easy to tailor a roof terrace.


By Jessica Stevens

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