Hiring Professional Window Fitters Near Me

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Are you looking to change your windows? 

Asking Yourself Where Are Window Fitters Near Me? Then read on!

With last winter, was condensation and the cold air seeping through the cracks, the end of the road for your current windows? Find how professional installers can help with choices and costs to get you the perfect windows at the right price.

Upgrading to energy-efficient double-glazing models with integrated advanced technology can increase your property’s value. However, working with state-of-the-art hardware and complex configurations can be risky without professional experience in installation.

Certified window fitters have field-tested knowledge. Besides looks, this means safety, longevity, and convenience. Your search for a proficient window installer near me on Google can be time consuming. It’s hard to pick the best window company from local providers.

So, where do you start? I have compiled a quick and easy guide to help you find the best window fitter in Surrey.

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What is a Window Fitter? Job Role and Duties

A window fitter or a window installer is a licensed professional with high-end skills in window installation, repair, and replacement jobs. Such an expert technician can handle tasks like fitting doors, windows, glass conservatories, glazing old profiles, etc.

Whether you want to build a new house or replace existing ones at a traditional home, a window installer can accomplish the work with a professional touch.

To become a certified window fitter in the UK, a person must comply with the following conditions: Attend a college course in carpentry and an apprenticeship in fenestration installation, glazing, glass fittings, etc. the candidate must be above 16 years of age to take up an apprenticeship Work full-time (minimum 30 hrs/week) at the company offering apprenticeship.

Window Fitters Mate

A window fitters mate assists a senior window installer or service engineer in installation, remedial, and renovation tasks. Candidates having work experience in carpentry/joinery may apply for a window fitter’s mate job directly at a company.

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How Window Fitters Help You Choose the Right Option

Unsure which is the best window style for your home? A FENSA-approved installer can help. With years of experience in varying window construction types, they are adept at recommending the perfect style to match your home architecture pattern.

FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) is a government-sanctioned scheme for the building industry. They assess the construction standards compliance for doors and windows installation/replacement services.

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A. Window Types and Styles

Before you discuss the window project with an expert, it is worth looking at the popular types and window styles:


Also called sliding sash, box sash, and double-hung windows, these vertical-operating panels are about classic style, simplicity, and accessibility while matching diverse architectural layouts.


This timeless, clutter-free style is a prime choice for all houses not just modern minimalist homes. The casement design can be configured for side-hung/top/bottom openings.


A sideway aperture is a solution if you do not like vertical sliding hung panels. The profile resembles sliding patio doors running on top/bottom mounted tracks.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt-and-turn is one of the best window types for homes with lots of benefits. The complex door hardware configuration allows you to open the door sideways or create a slight gap on the top for ventilation. There is a child safety locking system for the top opening to prevent kids from falling out of the window.

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These multi-panel stretching windows are a fabulous addition to your home’s look. A typical bay window has canted extensions with two small angular windows at either side and one large central window, which creates extra indoor space.

French Windows

French windows are the best choice if you are looking for identical door and window contours with a hint of classic vibes. Such symmetrical balance is beyond artistic décor, offering structural support and added security layer to glass panes.

Transom Light/Fanlight

A fanlight is also called a transom window (rectangular and arched) constructed over an exterior doorway allowing light and cross-ventilation into the room. If you are looking for inspiration, the semi-circular fanlight at the front door of 10 Downing Street (the official residence of the PM) has a brilliant design.

Georgian Style

This style is found in many traditional homes and historical buildings. Georgian windows are large structures with at least six or more glass panes arranged in crafted timber bar grids.

The model is a suitable option for remodelling projects in old residential properties. You can save money as the classic yet graceful window design can be integrated without changing the exterior structure. Even today, this style is seen in many modern homes.

One of the benefits of installing Georgian windows is to achieve enhanced security. Small square glass sheets, tucked in robust wooden or metal frames, resist burglars from breaking in. Upgrading existing units to double-glazed profiles is a wise investment to make your home energy efficient and save on monthly bills.

B. Latest Window Fitting Trends

Most homeowners look to cutting-edge smart home installations to upscale their property value. Smart windows and doors can transform your home into a climate-adaptive building shell (CABS), making it adaptable to seasonal weather conditions.

Double-Glazing Glass Panels

Double/triple glazing needs no introduction to the construction industry. As the term suggests, each unit has 2 or 3 glass panels tightly sealed, containing a thin gap filled with inert gas between them. The gas pockets serve as an insulation layer to allow and retain heat from sun rays in winter.

A+ double-glazed windows reduce the expenses on heating appliances during the cold season by reducing heat loss by up to 30% (compared to fibreglass/single-glazed panels).

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Adaptable Smart Window Technology

Today windows can be enhanced with security features beyond smart locking systems. A WIFI-enabled window sensor sends push notifications to your Smartphone if left open. Not to compromise the visual appeal, window fitters install innovative gadgets without spoiling the looks.

Smart Glass Panes/Smart-tinted/Dynamic Glasses

Smart glasses are often misinterpreted as smart windows. However, these are different solutions serving specific purposes. A smart window has a series of accessories fitted on the frames, addressing security concerns, functionality, etc. Smart window glasses feature interchangeable properties for varying conditions-

  • Allow sun reflection for insulation and energy-efficient heating in winter
  • Block ultraviolet and infrared radiation
  • Change glass tint* for privacy and repel sunlight during summer

*Instead of using a glued tinted layer to block sunlight, these glasses (treated with electrochromic material) get dark/opaque upon receiving the signal. You may customise your windows to get a clear view or change colour when desired from your settings. A quick trick to shun the blinds and skip the weekly cleaning routine.

C. Types of Window Fitting Services Offered by Professional Window Fitters

Whether you are building windows for a new home or want to renovate old ones, a window installer can do it with perfection. Here is a summary of what to expect when you hire someone for the job:


For New Construction

Once an agreement is established, the installer may start taking measurements. The fitter, generally assisted by a team, performs tasks like fitting the window attachments, setting the structure on the wall, joining the panels to the frame, etc. The installation process is followed by a sealant application for weatherproofing the indoor premises.


Window installation on a home renovation project is done in two phases- removing the old profile and installing the new model. The window fitter removes the existing frame, panels, and other items. This may also involve chipping down the brickwork and concrete structures.

After removal, the new parts are installed and sealed. This may include complicated procedures like setting the double-glazed glasses into the frames and fixing hinges, handles, locks, etc.

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You may call a window fitter for various repair services… fixing components (sills, handles, hinges, faulty locks, and others), broken glass replacement, frame repair, etc.

If the seal on a glazing unit rips apart, a fitter can replace it with a new piece on the existing frame. However, brittle or cracked uPVC frames must be replaced with new ones. The window contractor is also responsible for clearing the building material garbage after window installation, replacement, or other works.

At the end of the work, the window installer will issue a work completion certificate to the property owner. Licensed window fitters in Surrey usually offer an insurance-backed guarantee.

D. Types of Window Fittings (Attachments/Accessories)

Window fittings are the heart of the structure, enhancing durability, functionality, and safety. Here’s is a list of different types of window attachments:


Security supersedes everything else when choosing window fixtures. Hence, cutting-edge smart locks (Nuki, Yale, Avia, etc.) are an investment for property owners. You must consider the window type and material when buying locks. Here are the popular options:

Classic keyed locks- A sash jammer does not secure your windows entirely. Keyed locks are paired well with sliding and single/double hung windows, fastening the panel to the frame.

Window latches- These fixtures are installed on the top of the window and act as a secondary security system. It can be paired with keyed locks or multi-point systems as an extra security layer.

Child safety latches- This attachment creates a barrier allowing a partial opening. The fixture serves two purposes, creating a small gap for ventilation and preventing children from passing through the aperture.

Bolt locks- A deadbolt lock is a top-notch security option for sash windows. It cannot be opened with sharp objects or cards, eliminating the risk of burglary.

Automatic casement window locks- These locks will block the window automatically when the window is closed. You can use the keys only for unlocking.

Multi-point locking systems- The advanced, hard-wearing locks offer 3 times more protection against intruders than traditional deadbolt mechanisms. The advanced electronic system integration can create complex locking patterns for an extra security layer for your home.

2. Handles

Choosing the handle is not as simple as it may seem. Window fitters suggest hand-picked items depending on the style, spindle length, blade length, and step height.

Let us look into the main handle types and the styles they fit into:

Espagnolette handles (Espag)- These handles with a mental spindle are like cranked handle designs. The model is commonly used in uPVC windows.

Cockspur handles- This bi-functional attachment pairs with wooden, aluminium and uPVC frames on casement or tilt-and-turn windows. Both espag and cockspur handles are perfect choices for double-glazed units.

Tilt and turn handles- As the name suggests, these handles fit into tilt and turn windows with side hinges opening inwards.

Monkey tail handles- These fancy handles with a twisted bottom design are fitted on espag-style windows.

Venetian espagnolette- With around 20-30mm projection, these slimline metal strip handles eliminate interference with shutters and blinds.

3. Hinges

Buying hinges is not something to do unless consulting a professional, you might need a window replacement. It also depends on the window style and frame material. Besides fittings, hinges can also add to the window security. For instance, friction hinges protect the double-glazed uPVC windows by installing a catch.

4. Micro/Trickle Ventilation

Trickle vents are advanced fittings installed on the opening sash/window frame, an outer frame, or on top of the glass unit. This addition allows you to create a small gap for airflow without opening the full extent. It keeps the rooms warm while allowing fresh air into the premises. These are the law now, to be fitted on windows from June 2022.

Window Fitters in Surrey, UK

#1. Sheerwater Glass Ltd. This 50+ year old family own business started offering glazing and glass restoration services and are also door fitters (Sheerwater Glazing Limited- a FENSA registered company) in 2011. Their products and services were rated 4.7/5 on Google (based on 183 reviews).

The family-operated business offers bespoke windows, doors, glass products, conservatories, rooflines, and window designing solutions in Berkshire, Guildford, Surrey, & Woking.

Offering a first class reliable service Sheerwater Glass, can fit replacement windows, double glazing work, new windows, bi fold doors, french doors, sliding patio doors or any type of patio door.

Sheerwater is backed by FENSA, QANW insurance policies, GQA, PASMA, BFRC energy ratings, City & Guilds (Level-3 Qualified), TrustMark, and VELUX.

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Finding Local Window Fitters in Surrey on Social Media. Did you know your local window installers are on social media?

While you can find several company profiles on LinkedIn, some window contractors have taken to YouTube to connect with potential customers. Their official accounts give plenty of information about the latest projects, available offers, and more. Following are some social media promotional strategies by top-rated window companies in Surrey.

Sheerwater Glass recently posted a short VELUX window installation and demonstration of this project. They regularly share their work portfolio on this Instagram handle.

Check Real-Time Customer Reviews and Ratings of Window Fitters

Customer reviews are the best resources to identify first-rate window fitters in your location. Besides checking the company profiles, you may check the company reviews on Google and Yelp. The buyers’ experience offers an idea of what to expect after hiring them for your project.

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