The Comprehensive Guide to Window Replacement

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The Comprehensive Guide to Window Replacement: Costs, Companies, and Considerations

If your windows are outdated, damaged, or energy inefficient, window replacement should be your only choice. This big home improvement project requires careful planning and research. With this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about window replacement, from costs to finding the best companies to the process itself. Let’s go!

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Understanding the Need for Window Replacement

There are several reasons you might need to consider replacing your windows:

Energy Efficiency – Old windows fitted with single pane glass can waste huge amounts of heating and cooling energy. New frames with double glazing or triple-pane windows are energy efficient and greatly reduce heat transfer.

Damage – Cracked glass, rotting wooden window frames, broken seals, paint, and failing hardware all require replacement.

Noise Reduction – Modern windows block outside noise far better thanks to tight seals and laminated glass.

Style Update – Replacement windows frames in contemporary styles/finishes can modernise dated homes.

Improved Functionality – New double glazed windows feature improved functionality like easy cleaning, child safety locks, and ventilation.

Curb Appeal – Replacing a worn out windows boosts your homes looks and also perceived home value.

If your windows are more than 20 years old, an upgrade may be worthwhile. Newer windows provide better insulation, durability, and looks.

The Cost of Window Replacement: A Detailed Breakdown

How much does window replacement cost? Well, it depends on the size, type, and number of windows. Here is a detailed breakdown of factors impacting replacement costs:

Window Type – A basic casement window frame, obviously including the windows! Is the most affordable solution, while specialty windows like bay or garden windows can cost £1,000+.

Materials – Wood/timber frames, aluminium, uPVC windows each have different price points. uPVC windows are most commonly used for their affordability and durability.

Glass – Basic double glazing glass keeps costs down. More advanced glass like triple-pane, low-E, or impact resistant will increase price.

Size – The bigger the window, the higher the price due to more materials. Simple installation and repair of smaller windows also saves costs.

Installation – Simple, easily accessed windows can be done down the diy route, though foreknowledge is strongly advised. With the vast majority of homeowners hiring professionals.

Energy Rebates – You may be lucky enough to get an energy rebate, though is is more uncommon then the norm for a typical house.

How long will replacement double glazing last? Approximately 20-25 years, sometimes longer. Quality installation and materials are key for longevity.

Do replacement windows pay for themselves? Yes, through energy savings within 5-10 years typically. Added home value is also a return.

When is the best time for window replacement? Autumn is good, as companies tend to be less busy after a summer rush. And try to avoid the cold winter months!

Evaluating Window Replacement Companies

When choosing companies, consider:

Experience – Look for well established companies in business 10+ years. Check credentials like licensure and manufacturer certifications such as FENSA.

Reputation – Read reviews on Google, Which?Trust a trader and elsewhere. Good companies have overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Warranty – Reputable companies offer warranties of 5-20 years on new windows/installation.

Options – Look for customisation of sizes, materials, colours, and features. Measure each window before purchasing.

Price – Get at least 3 detailed quotes. Compare pricing, warranties, and service. Beware of the lowest bid, is it too low for a quality double glazed window?

Avoid high-pressure sales pitches demanding immediate decisions. Quality companies allow time to make the right choice.

Why Buying Your New Windows From a Company is Better Than From a DIY Store.

All major diy stores have double glazed windows for sale, which is great if you really are on a very tight budget and have some knowledge of installation.

But the work, window frames and glass will have little or no warranty or piece of mid if something should go wrong.

Using a local trusted installation company to professionally measure and install your new windows, be they, timber frames, sash windows, uPVC windows or aluminium frames, will in the end not only give you piece of mind but knowledge of a professional installation.

A Closer Look at Sheerwater Glass

Sheerwater Glass remains one of the most recognised and desired window replacement companies in Surrey. As a result, all their windows and doors come with care, expertise and professionalism.

With the real value in their exceptional materials, engineering, warranties and overall longevity of all their products. And exclusive ranges, such as the Slimline range of uPVC double glazed windows. Allowing as much as 12% more natural light compared to standard uPVC windows.

Not only replacing windows and doors for residential and commercial customers, they also have a window repairs clinic, fixing cracks, glazing seals on double glazed units so you can retain the thermal efficiency of your window and much more.

Many happy customers throughout Surrey all agree that their windows are worth it!

A Comprehensive Window Replacement Buying Guide

To enjoy the long-term benefits such as reduced energy bills, an improved home look, and increased comfort, it is important to think on these steps when replacing your home’s windows:

Your needs – Decide why you are replacing windows, is it firstly for energy efficiency, noise reduction, or style?

Accurate Measurements – Write down the exact measurements of each window and fame to order the right sizes. Include width, height, and frame depth.

Choose the right frame material – Look at the cost effective benefits of uPVC, timber or aluminium etc based on your budget and needs.

Select the glass – Consider energy efficiency with double glazing, Low-E, and inert gas filled spaces.

Research companies and prices – Look for local glazing companies, that have trusted brands, known for their quality and value. Get quotes!

Hire professionals – Only hire licensed installers, and verify they follow manufacturer instructions for proper installation.

Get everything done in one visit – For time and efficiency, try to have all the windows replaced the same time. For many windows, allow several days for a full window replacement and or repair process.

Keep up regular maintenance – Keep windows functioning at their best by cleaning, lubricating, inspecting sealants.

Following the above guidelines will help you keep your windows their best and last for many years to come.

The positive results of Window Replacement on a Homes Value

Installing new windows won’t just improve home comfort and sound and energy efficiency – it will also boost your home’s kerb appeal and sale value. Here are factors to consider:

Kerb Appeal – New modern windows with clean lines and updated finishes/colours significantly enhance exterior looks. This makes a great first impression on buyers!

Energy Efficiency – High-performance energy efficient windows save money on utilities. This is an attractive quality for buyers, who will appreciate lower bills.

Improved Natural Light – More glass and fewer gridlines with contemporary windows create brighter, more inviting interiors. Such as the Slimline Range only found at Sheerwater Glass.

Increased Comfort – Replacement windows reduce outdoor noise and improve climate control within the home. These improve livability.

Added Peace of Mind – Newer windows mean low maintenance, fewer repairs and longer lasting performance. This provides buyers confidence.

When selling, highlight these upgrades in listing descriptions and during home tours. The ROI may range from 75-90% of project costs. So an investment in windows can pay off when increasing market value.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Windows

Window replacement projects come with potential pitfalls. Avoid these common mistakes homeowners make:

Choosing the Wrong Materials – Don’t sacrifice quality to save money. Cheap uPVC and glass won’t hold up or insulate well.

Incorrect Installation – If hinges on your door and windows aren’t installed perfectly level and square, operation and sealing will suffer.

Inadequate Flashing – Missing or incorrectly installed flashing commonly causes leaks. Ensure flashing is integrated properly.

Measuring Mistakes – Avoid customisation issues by triple checking window measurements before ordering.

DIY Complex Jobs – Leave rounded, bay or oddly shaped windows to the experts. Improper installation jeopardises performance and security and your homes resale value.

Not Reading Reviews – Neglecting to research companies means you could choose disreputable companies unqualified for the work required.

Take time to understand the intricacies of your specific window repair project. Careful planning and preparation will pay off with smoothly executed window repair or replacement.


Updating your home through window replacement delivers tremendous benefits that enhance comfort, efficiency, aesthetics, and value. But undertaking this major project requires thoughtful planning and diligent research to get it right.

Arm yourself with the guidance above to understand costs, smart material choices, specs to provide installers, and how to choose a reputable company. Avoiding stumbling blocks, will be one sure way your home investment will show returns for decades to come.

When you’re ready, look up and call top-rated local companies such as Sheerwater Glass for quotes. With the right information guiding your window replacement way, you can expect a smooth process that will transform your home in the best ways.

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