uPVC Arched Door: Byfleet, Surrey

12th Mar 2019

The Project

Our Byfleet clients had lived in their home since 1982. As a result of the long time they’d been living there, the doors had become very old and had decayed considerably. This led our clients to consider replacing them.

The clients had drawn up some door designs themselves, one of which being a standard door with two sidelights. However, it was decided that two arched doors would be the ideal solution as this would make full use of the wide aperture at the front of their home.

 How we helped

Installing an arched door requires a lot of specialist expertise, which few companies can claim to possess. As we’re well-known within the local area and had already performed some glazing work for this client, they knew only too well that we’d be more than up to the task.

As well as modernising the front of their home, the stylish arched design of the doors ensured our clients have a stunning focal point on the entrance to their home, instantly improving their property’s kerbside appeal. The choice of white for the colour also meant that the doors matched the windows on the property, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the new surroundings.

Because our uPVC entrance doors are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency, our Byfleet clients could now also enjoy a warmer home for less. The easy to clean properties of uPVC meant they could enjoy a cosier home without worrying about having to perform excessive upkeep too.

 How they found working with us

Judging from their feedback, our Byfleet clients found working with us an absolute pleasure:

“Very satisfactory experience, fitters very friendly and did an excellent job.”

Here at Sheerwater Glass, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver for our customers in the local area so we were delighted to hear how pleased they were with our work.

Close up of whtie uPVC arched door
White uPVC arched door Byfleet 4