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Bi-Folding Door Repairs

Sheerwater Glass specialises in repairs for all varieties of bifold doors. So, no matter the size of your bi-folding doors, how many panels they have, or the material they are constructed from, we can restore them to full working order.

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A wide range of repairs for uPVC, timber and aluminium bifold doors

The chic and innovative design of bifold doors is a joy to experience when the doors are working as they should be. However, after excessive or improper use and lack of proper care, it is common to experience some difficulty when using them.

So, if your bifold doors have stopped opening properly, begun to let in draughts, they won’t lock, or whatever else they might be suffering from, get in touch and we can get them working again. Along with external and internal bifold doors, we can repair concertina doors and stacking sliding doors.

Popular repair services for bifold doors

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Damaged bifold door runners

If the runners on your bifold door have become damaged, your doors might be more difficult to open than they should be. But whether you need repairs or replacement runners, we can help.

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Bifolding door handle repair or replacement

Whatever type of handle your bifold doors are fitted with, we can repair or replace it depending on your needs. This includes the handles for main traffic door locks and centre shoot bolt locks.

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Faulty seals and gaskets

Faulty weather seals and gaskets can cause draughts to creep into your home and warm air to seep out. This can lead to higher energy bills, although we can replace any faulty seals and gaskets if required.

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Repairs for bifold doors with traffic door

A traffic door opens in and outwards, like a traditional door, and independently from the folding door panels. Whilst this can be a quick way to move between areas of the home, a traffic door that gets stuck or will not open for whatever reason soon becomes an inconvenience.

But whether the traffic door needs a new handle, the locks have broken, the frames have warped, or whatever the problem you are having, we can help.

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Roller hinges, new locks, replacement glazing, door realignment and much more

On incorrectly fitted bifold doors, it is common for roller hinges to become damaged and even snap. Bifold doors that are out of alignment may also be a consequence of this, although warping over time may cause them to come out of alignment. Whatever the reason, we can resolve both issues and many, many more.

Here at Sheerwater Glass, our experience with window and door repair dates to the early 1970s, so we have carried out a countless variety of repairs since then. Therefore, we are highly confident that we will be able to tackle any issues with your bifold doors. If you are unable to find your problem listed on this page, please get in touch with us to discuss it and we are sure we will be able to help.

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