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Shop Front Repairs

Keeping your shopfront looking its best is important for any business owner, so if yours needs repair, get in touch with us here at Sheerwater Glass because we’re certain we can help.

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Shopfront & commercial glazing repairs

Your shop front is the physical face of your business and as such, its appearance has an impact on what your customers and passers-by think of it. A smart-looking shopfront instantly creates the sense that you are professional and reliable, whilst the opposite is true for a shopfront that looks dilapidated and in need of repair. The same is true for offices, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other commercial buildings.

However, our repairs can restore any shopfronts and commercial buildings to their former glory, reestablishing that sense of professionalism along with it. As glazing experts since 1972, we have the experience and expertise to guarantee an excellent service every time, regardless of your repair needs.

Our popular commercial property/shopfront repairs

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Misted double glazing

Not only is misted double glazing unsightly but it is a sign that your double glazing has failed. However, we can swap out any misty glass units whilst allowing you to keep your existing window/door frames, saving you time and money.

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Cracked and smashed glass

Sadly, shopfronts, cafes and restaurants are commonly targeted by vandals, which often results in cracked and smashed glass. However, we can repair small chips and cracks, or if the glass has smashed, we can replace it too.

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Window and door repairs

Here at Sheerwater, we also offer a wide range of window repair services and door repairs, fixing issues like doors that won’t open, replacing broken windows, and much more. So, if you require any window and door repairs for your shopfront/commercial premises, we can help.

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Preserve the unique look of your commercial property

Here at Sheerwater Glass, we really are glazing specialists. We can repair or replace virtually any type of glass and window, regardless of the style, shape, size, colour, and design.

So, if you have concerns that repairing or replacing the glass on your commercial property will spoil its uniqueness, you need not worry. We can totally preserve the unique character of your property, whether you need minor repairs or a full replacement.

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Save costs and enhance comfort levels

Smashed or cracked glazing is not only an eyesore, but it is also a major culprit for heat loss. Heat loss is especially problematic because it means that your commercial property will be uncomfortable for your staff and your customers to be inside. Plus, it also means that your heating bills will be higher.

However, when choosing Sheerwater Glass for shopfront and commercial glazing repairs, we will restore your glazing to full working order, so more heat will be trapped inside. Therefore, saving you on heating bills and making your staff and customers more comfortable again.

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