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Velux Repairs & Reprogramming

Here at Sheerwater Glass, we are a certified installer of Velux windows. Therefore, we can also take care of all aspects regarding their repair.

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Taking care of all your Velux rooflight repair needs

When people think of rooflights, they naturally think of Velux windows, such is the quality the name has become synonymous with over the years. Like all windows, however, they can get more difficult to use and things can go wrong with them over time.

Choosing to repair any issues rather than replacing the window will save you time and money. However, if you require new Velux windows, we can help here too. From cracked glass and dodgy handles to foggy Velux windows, whatever your Velux window repair needs, we can help.

Popular Velux window repairs

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Foggy Velux windows

Over time, the seals on a Velux window’s glazing can fail, which enables moisture to get within the glazing. This makes them look foggy and allows heat to escape from your home. However, we can replace the glazed unit, restoring their appearance and performance whilst letting you keep the existing frames.

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Cracks and chips

Cracks and chips in the glass are a common result of accidental damage. However, we can often repair any chips or cracks without having to replace the whole glass unit. Therefore, keeping repair costs even lower.

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Draughts/failed gaskets

Although the gaskets in Velux windows are airtight, they may become stiff over time and no longer form an airtight seal. This can lead to draughts, which lead to heat loss. However, we can replace faulty gaskets, ensuring more heat is trapped so you can stay warmer and may even reduce your energy bill.

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Velux reprogramming service

If you have Velux windows that are remote-operated but the remote is no longer synced up to operate your them, this can be a massive inconvenience. Unlike other remote controls, getting the remote to work with them again can also be quite difficult.

However, if your Velux windows and remote are out of sync, our specialized Velux reprogramming service can quickly get them working in conjunction once again. So, you can get back to operating them conveniently.

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Glazing experts since 1972

Here at Sheerwater Glass, we’ve been in the glazing industry for almost 50 years, providing homeowners in and around Surrey with new home improvement solutions as well as repairing their existing ones.

With such a wealth of experience behind us, we can confidently tackle any issues you are having with your Velux windows. So, please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a problem with them that you would like to discuss.

Velux windows with blinds

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