Aluminium Window Repair Services

At Sheerwater Glass, we extend our superior repair services to include aluminium windows. Whether it’s a functional hiccup or physical damage, rest assured your aluminium window issues are well catered for. Our adept team stands ready to tackle various challenges with your aluminium windows, ensuring they return to peak condition.

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Aluminum Window Repairs

We offer a wide range of repair services specifically designed for aluminium windows. No matter the design, age, or glazing specifications of your aluminium window, if it’s falling short of optimal performance, Sheerwater Glass is here to help. With our expertise in window repairs that spans back to 1972, we have become trusted experts in aluminium window repairs throughout Surrey. We manage all aspects of aluminium window maintenance and repair in a comprehensive manner.

Our aluminium window repair services are designed to effectively address a multitude of issues, from operational difficulties to boosting insulation and reducing draughts. Plus, opting for repairs over a full window replacement is typically a more cost-effective solution, offering several benefits for you to consider.

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Problems with Opening and Closing Aluminium Windows

If your aluminium window is sticking or refusing to open, it’s more than just a minor inconvenience. This problem can quickly become a significant issue, hindering ventilation and posing a potential safety risk. However, we regularly resolve such window opening difficulties for homeowners in Surrey and surrounding areas.

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Damaged Aluminium Window Handles & Hinges

With a wealth of experience in repairing handles and hinges specifically for aluminium windows, Sheerwater Glass is well-equipped to tackle your needs. If you’re encountering issues with a broken handle or a dysfunctional hinge on your aluminium window, our skilled team can perform the necessary repairs to restore its functionality. We recognise the crucial role these components play in ensuring your aluminium window operates seamlessly and securely, and we’re committed to maintaining that.

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Cracked or broken glass

We excel in repairing cracked or broken glass in aluminium windows. Aware of the potential safety and security threats posed by damaged glass, we swiftly address these concerns to guarantee your peace of mind. Our experienced team possesses the necessary skills to repair or replace the glass effectively, revitalising both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your aluminium window while causing minimal disruption to your home.

Replacement Glass Panes for Fogged Aluminium Windows

We specialise in replacing fogged glass panes in aluminium windows. When condensation gathers between the layers of glass, it can create a misty appearance that hinders visibility and detracts from the window’s aesthetic appeal. Our team is adept at resolving this issue by replacing the fogged panes with high-quality glass, restoring clarity and enhancing the overall appearance of your aluminium windows.

Our replacement sealed units offer a cost-efficient alternative to full window replacement while enabling you to retain your existing window frames. We’re equipped to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless fit regardless of the colour, style, or size of the glass in your aluminium windows.

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Malfunctioning Aluminium Window Locks, Hardware, Tilt & Turn Mechanisms, and More!

Problems with faulty locks, hardware, tilt & turn mechanisms, and other components are common in aluminium windows. At Sheerwater Glass, we excel in rectifying these issues, providing effective solutions to restore your aluminium windows to their proper functioning state. Our skilled team has experience addressing a wide range of repair needs specific to aluminium windows, ensuring your windows work smoothly and securely.

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Sheerwater Glass provides window installation and repairs throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas of our Woking showroom. If you’re interested in our services, we encourage you to check if we serve customers in your area by simply typing in your postcode.

If you check and find that we don’t serve customers in your area, in some cases, we may be able to help. Please call us to find out more.

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