uPVC Window Repair Services

At Sheerwater Glass, our commitment to top-tier repair services encompasses uPVC windows. Be it a functionality hitch or physical impairment, your uPVC window’s problems are in safe hands. Our proficient team is primed to confront various uPVC window challenges, guaranteeing your window returns to its optimal state.

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Our extensive range of repair services is specifically tailored for uPVC windows.

Regardless of your uPVC window’s design, age, or glazing specifications, if it’s not operating as it should, Sheerwater Glass is the answer. With our focused expertise in window repairs since 1972, we have become renowned specialists in uPVC window repairs across Surrey. We offer a holistic approach to all aspects of uPVC window maintenance and repair.

Our uPVC window repair services are designed to effectively rectify numerous issues, from operational difficulties to enhancing insulation and curtailing draughts. Moreover, choosing repair over complete window replacement is usually a more budget-friendly solution, providing numerous advantages for consideration.

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Difficulties opening and closing uPVC windows

When a uPVC window is jamming or won’t open, it’s not just an inconvenience. This issue can become a significant barrier, impacting ventilation and emergency escape routes. Fortunately, we regularly solve such window opening issues for homeowners throughout Surrey.

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Damaged uPVC window handles & hinges

Sheerwater Glass brings a vast amount of expertise in fixing handles and hinges specifically meant for uPVC windows. If you’re struggling with a broken handle or a faulty hinge on your uPVC window, our skilled team can effectively perform the necessary repairs to restore its operation. We acknowledge the vital role these components play in guaranteeing your uPVC window works flawlessly and securely, and we’re dedicated to keeping it that way.

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Cracked or broken glass

We are professionals at repairing cracked or broken glass in uPVC windows. Understanding the possible safety and security implications of damaged glass, we swiftly rectify these issues to ensure your comfort and safety. Our expert team has the necessary knowledge to proficiently repair or replace the glass, reviving the aesthetic appeal and function of your uPVC window with minimum disruption to your home life.

We provide replacement glass panes specifically for fogged uPVC windows.

We specialise in replacing fogged glass panes in uPVC windows. When condensation accumulates between the panes of glass, it results in a misty appearance that diminishes visibility and aesthetic appeal. Our adept team is excellent at fixing this problem by replacing the fogged panes with premium quality glass, restoring clarity and enhancing the overall look of your uPVC windows.

Our replacement sealed units present a cost-effective substitute to complete window replacement, allowing you to keep your existing window frames. We’re fully equipped to cater to your unique requirements, promising a perfect fit regardless of the colour, style, or size of the glass in your uPVC windows.

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Malfunctioning uPVC window locks, hardware, tilt & turn mechanisms, and more!

Issues with defective locks, hardware, tilt & turn mechanisms, and other components are common with uPVC windows. Sheerwater Glass excels at solving these problems, offering efficient solutions to reinstate the proper functioning of your uPVC windows. Our expert team is adept at dealing with a broad spectrum of repair requirements specific to uPVC windows, ensuring your windows operate smoothly and securely.

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Our customers say

“Used the Sheerwater team to replace a couple of Velux windows in our converted loft. Really first class experience, great communication throughout, super professional and the installation was the best we've had in terms of fit and finish and (lack of) damage to surrounding areas. Will use again!”Tim Loake
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Areas we cover

Sheerwater Glass provides window installation and repairs throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas of our Woking showroom. If you’re interested in our services, we encourage you to check if we serve customers in your area by simply typing in your postcode.

If you check and find that we don’t serve customers in your area, in some cases, we may be able to help. Please call us to find out more.

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