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Triple Glazing

Triple glazing options (materials):

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What is Triple Glazing?

The ultimate, high-performance glazing solution

As you might have already guessed, the name triple glazing is used to describe a window that features 3 panes of glass. Sitting between these panes of glass are two cavities that are filled with Argon, which is an inert gas. Inert gases conduct heat very poorly, so this provides a serious improvement to the insulation qualities of triple glazing.

However, that’s not the only benefit you can expect by choosing it for your property. It’s also extremely effective at keeping external noise where it should be – outside the home. So, although double glazing is an excellent option, if you’re looking to really give it a performance boost, triple glazing is the right solution for you.

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Benefits of our Triple Glazing for Surrey Homes

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Outstanding Efficiency

Simply put, triple glazing offers a truly outstanding thermal performance. By using three panes of glass and two Argon-filled cavities, it blocks a huge amount of heat from escaping the home. As a result, you can remove any cold spots in your home and create a cosy living environment for less.

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Reduce Condensation

As wall insulation has improved, there is a bigger disparity between the insulation provided by the windows and the rest of the home. This leads to a build-up of condensation on the windows. However, as the most insulating glazing solution, there is less disparity when triple glazing is fitted, meaning condensation is reduced.

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Incredible Security

Although double glazing is exceptionally secure, 3 panes of glass are harder to smash than 2, so triple glazing provides your home with another layer of security. When you consider our triple glazed windows also come with a range of excellent locking hardware, you can be 100% certain that your home will have expert protection in place.

Knockdown your carbon emissions

We feel it’s important you’re aware that triple glazing is more expensive to fit than double and secondary glazing. However, it is the most energy-efficient glazing solution of the three, which means that it offers the highest potential savings on energy costs.

By reducing energy costs and the amount of energy your property consumes, fewer fossil fuels are required so the number of carbon emissions is lower as a consequence – perfect for anyone who wants to do their bit to help the environment.

Various Glass Options

You’re far from limited to standard glass when choosing triple glazed windows for your home. We can fit them with toughened glass, decorative glass and a whole host of other glass options, so you can customise their look and performance to suit your exact requirements.

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Technical Information

Energy Ratings

Triple glazed windows are capable of achieving the highest possible Window Energy Ratings. Window Energy Ratings run from E to A++ with E being the lowest and A++ the highest. The best triple glazing can attain ratings of A++, providing you with an energy performance that is truly outstanding.

Noise Reduction

With so many layers to get through, the strength of soundwaves making their way into the home is dramatically reduced. Some of the best double glazing can keep 35 decibels from entering your home, but triple glazing can keep out even more than this.

Styles & Designs

We offer a range of fantastic triple glazed windows and this includes:

10-year Guarantee

If we fit your home with a triple glazed window, it comes with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee. This means that you’ll have comprehensive cover in place for 10 years even if we happen to cease trading for whatever reason.

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