Sheerline Aluminium Windows

At Sheerwater Glass, we are pleased to offer the Sheerline range of slimline aluminium windows. We have the Classic and Prestige options, both of which boast a wide range of benefits for Surrey homeowners.

A range of slimline aluminium windows available for Surrey homes

The aluminium window offerings from Sheerline boast a host of innovative features that make them an ideal option if you are looking to upgrade your Surrey home. The windows are available with incredibly slim sightlines that mesh perfectly with the inherent strength of aluminium and the innovative design features of the Sheerline range.

  • Ultra-slim frames
  • Effective thermal efficiency
  • Enhanced security
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A wide range of contemporary finishes and colours, such as Anthracite Grey and Pastel Turquoise.

Thermal Performance

Thermlock technology provides high performance and insulation through a multi-chamber thermal design, helping to achieve low U-values.

Highly Secure

PAS24:2016 accredited with the option of further security options and Secured by Design accreditation

Opening Sash Style Options

Stepped, flush stepped, flush contemporary and contemporary styles available.

Benefits of Sheerline aluminium windows for homes in Surrey


Secure design

Both the Sheerline Classic and Prestige aluminum windows carry the PAS24:2016 enhanced security accreditation, ensuring that building regulations are met. There is also the option to select a laminate glass upgrade which will provide ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation, meaning that the windows have met recognised security standards. The further innovative features and potential additions make the Sheerline aluminium windows among the most secure on the market.


Thermal efficiency

The Sheerline Prestige aluminium windows boast fantastic double and triple glazing options, with U-values as low as 1.3 W/(m²K) for double glazed frames and 0.9 for the triple glazed option. The Sheerline Classic aluminium windows offer U-values as low as 1.4. U-values are a measurement of thermal transmittance, meaning that the lower the U value, the better the insulation of the window will be. The Thermlock core allows for top-quality thermal performance.

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Attractive aesthetics

These ultra-slim profiles help to maximise the glazed area of the window which, in turn, maximises the amount of natural light flooding into your home. There is also a choice of style options, such as ‘stepped’ and ‘contemporary’ as well as flush equivalents. Along with the styles available, there is also a range of colours and finishes to choose from, including diverse dual-colour options.

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Secure and efficient

With our Sheerline Classic windows, the design of the frames allows the windows to be constructed without the requirement for any separate beads in the glazing. This alleviates the threat of the traditional window design that would see glazing beads able to be removed and thus access granted to the inside of the home.

Sheerline Classic windows lay claim to a secure patented method that sees the glass locked within a fully sealed unit. Not only that, but the additional hinge protectors and a highly secure multipoint locking system mean that they are some of the most secure windows around.

Thermal efficiency is brought to the fore through an innovative multi-chambered core. It is a closed-cell chamber that acts as a thermal break, working in tandem with high performance double glazing to create a class-leading product.

Patented construction

Our Classic window system lays claim to ultra-slim 59mm sightlines, constructed through innovative technology and design. Meanwhile, our Prestige windows start as slim as 88mm, helping to maximise the influx of natural light into a property. Sheerline’s patented construction method is perfectly hand-tuned to ensure a better quality finish, along with many other smaller details that round off the end product. It primarily assists with the removal of the less appealing visuals of the square-cut beads that are typically seen within aluminium windows. The patented corner jointing design makes for perfect, repeatable corners.


Technical information


Slim sightlines

Our Classic aluminium windows have ultra-slim sightlines starting from 59mm, while our Prestige windows start as slim as 88mm. A refined architectural aesthetic is achieved thanks to the innovative design that helps to maximise the amount of natural light. 44mm triple glazing claims U-values as low as 0.9 and a boost in acoustic performance.


Security options

Our Prestige windows have inbuilt security, with the cases being fully enclosed due to their integrated design. This means that intruders can’t break through into the glazing or the beading areas, thus strengthening the frame’s integrity. Hinge protectors with a unique design are available as additional features.



Sheerline products are all manufactured in the UK, in the most sustainable way possible. These innovative products are made via energy-efficient machinery, as well as creating energy savings of up to 55% in the process. The design of the machines helps to considerably reduce fabrication waste, as well as minimising the potentially unnecessary consumption of raw materials. All of this helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your home.


Range of style options

Our Sheerline aluminium windows are available in two opening sash styles. The first is known as ‘stepped’ and takes inspiration from traditional steel windows and gives the frames an even slimmer look, while the ‘contemporary’ option is a modern take with a minimalist look. Each of these two styles can come in flush options or in a standard outer frame. The flush choice helps to bring the outer frame and the opening sash together, perfectly in-line.

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