Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows

Exceptional Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows in Surrey

Discover an affordable, innovative twist to traditional sash windows with our Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows. These windows perfectly mimic the beauty and elegance of vertical sliding sash windows without the high costs typically associated with their authentic counterparts. Combining the practical benefits of our versatile casement designs, these timber alternative mock sash windows guarantee a durable, secure, and energy-efficient solution for your home.

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Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows by Sheerwater Glass

Our Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows incorporate the simplicity of a casement window mechanism, presenting a harmonious fusion of old-world aesthetics and modern-day functionality. If you’re considering installing vertical sliders but appreciate the easy operation of casement windows, our timber alternative mock sash windows should be at the top of your list.

Preserving Classic Beauty with our Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows

Our Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows capture the grace and splendour of our classic sash windows. Seamlessly blending with both period and contemporary properties, these windows offer an elegant solution for those wishing to honour architectural tradition while enjoying modern-day advantages.


Cost-Effective Substitute

Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows offer an economical alternative to traditional timber sash windows. Enjoy the classic charm of your period property without bearing the expense associated with authentic timber sash windows.

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Customisation at Your Fingertips

Experience the joy of designing your unique Mock Sash Window. Choose from a vast array of styles, finishes, and materials that mirror your aesthetic preferences and align with your property’s architectural style.


More than Just Elegant Looks

While our Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows masterfully emulate the elegance of traditional sliding sash windows, their benefits are not merely skin-deep. These windows incorporate all the essential features of a standard casement window, offering low maintenance, superior energy efficiency, and enhanced security.

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A Closer Look at the Differences

Our Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows and traditional timber sashes may appear strikingly similar, but subtle differences exist. Unlike timber sash windows, which consist of two panels that slide vertically, our mock sashes feature a fixed pane and a movable panel that swings open like a casement. These mock sash windows offer a fantastic alternative for properties that lack the depth required for a sliding sash window installation.

Timber alternative windows are made from materials that accurately replicate the look of real wood but offer superior durability and lower maintenance. Unlike traditional timber, these alternatives don’t suffer from issues like warping, cracking, or rotting, making them a cost-effective and practical choice for many homeowners.

Key Features of Our Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows

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Energy Efficiency

Our mock sash windows are designed to be energy efficient. Utilising the superior insulating qualities of our specially designed materials, coupled with long-lasting weather seals and high-performance double glazing, these windows ensure an energy-efficient environment for your home.

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Authentic Design

Our Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows offer a delightful blend of traditional sliding sash window aesthetics and casement window practicality. Available in a variety of colours, these windows cater to both modern and traditional properties, helping to maintain your property’s unique charm.

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Weather Resistant

Our Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows are built to provide excellent protection against harsh weather conditions. Rigorous testing ensures that you receive top-quality materials and workmanship, keeping your home safe, secure, and looking great.

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Safety and Security

Our timber alternative mock sashes are designed with safety and security in mind. Equipped with a multipoint locking system, impact-resistant profiles, internal glazing, toughened glass, and egress hinges, these windows provide an excellent level of security and safety.

More than Just Timber Alternative Mock Sash Windows

At Sheerwater Glass, we offer a wide selection of Mock Sash Windows in uPVC, Aluminium, and Timber. Each material brings a unique set of benefits and aesthetics to your property. Explore our diverse collection today and find the ideal window solution for your home with Sheerwater Glass.

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